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How To Screen Mirroring Windows 10 To Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly

Press Release: September 09, 2019

If you have Samsung Smart TV and want to mirror your Windows PC to it, then just follow the steps given below:

1. Switch on your Samsung Smart TV and use the remote to select ‘Tools’. On the screen, from the menu which comes up, select ‘Network.’

2. In the side menu, got to ‘Screen Mirroring’ and choose it.

3. In the next window, go to ‘Device Manager’ and select it.

4. Your PC name should come up as a connected device. If it does not, connect your Smart TV to your laptop before proceeding.

5. Next, go back to the previous menu and select ‘Screen Mirroring.’ Your TV has been set up.

6. Now, in your laptop, open settings. Run a search if you can’t find it or use the ‘Window’+’i’ buttons.

7. Select the devices to option from the icon menu which appears.

8. Select the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ preference from the list menu on the left and click on ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices.’

9. In the window which opens next, select ‘Wireless display or docks’ to connect your Samsung Smart TV.

10. Your laptop will search for your TV. Click on it when it shows up to connect your TV to your PC.

11. Now open ‘Settings’ again and select ‘System’ this time.

12. This will by default open up the display section. Scroll to find the ‘Multiple displays’ section.

13. From the drop-down menu, select ‘show only on 1’.

14. This is the end of the process to Mirror PC To Samsung Smart TV. Your Smart TV is now wirelessly mirroring your PC.

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