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How to save fuel in 2010

Press Release: January 06, 2010

This advice is to help women drivers cut their car fuel bills at garage pumps in 2010.

1Lose some weight
No we aren't suggesting you lose a few pounds but if you did, you would increase your car's fuel consumption in the same way as if you removed any unnecessary weight like heavy golf clubs in your boot. And the same goes for roof racks and bicycle carriers because they create wind resistance so your engine needs more fuel to perform, even when the racks or carriers are empty.

2Change oil regularly
Clean oil reduces engine wear that would otherwise be caused by the friction of moving mechanical parts and it can reduce fuel consumption as a result. Use dirty oil and the metal debris it collects will cause expensive engine damage in the end. If you change the oil yourself, remember to buy and use the right type and grade of oil and change it as recommended in the car's handbook.

3Have a (free) car fitness check from a garage professional
OK; it mightn't be free at your local garage but if you are a member of FOXY Lady Drivers Club, chances are there is a local female friendly garage near you that is staffed by professionals who will do this for you for FREE (it takes 20 minutes and includes a car emissions test) and tell you if there's anything important to be done to save you fuel in future.

4Get your car serviced regularly
Have your car serviced regularly; at least once a year even if you drive very few miles. Don't imagine that a MOT means a safe car throughout the year all it does is give you a bill of health on the day of the test. Neglect your car for long enough and you could be adding 15% to fuel costs alone - which makes the short term financial save of a car service a false economy in the long run. For example, a clogged air filter alone can increase the fuel you use by up to 10% and a half-gassed aircon system could raise fuel consumption by a staggering 35%.

5Noisy wheels
If you are hearing noises from your wheels get them checked this might be worn out bearings or seized brake calipers. Other than the safety implications here, this can be like driving with the brakes on and because this causes friction you are likely to waste fuel too.

6Pump up your tyres
Commonsense from a safety point of view but did you know that that under-inflated tyres can reduce fuel economy by some 5% and increase tyre wear by as much as 25%. Get into the habit of checking your tyres visually before you get in your car tyres are too expensive to neglect and where you see a problem get it sorted out immediately to save money and fuel (and stay safer on the roads of course...).

7Keep an eye on your speed
Of course you don't speed, but if you happened to on a motorway for example, you'd be tearing up tenners at a very rapid rate. Drive at 90mph rather than 70mph and you will spend £1.20 more on fuel every 8 minutes (this is for illustrative purposes only we all know it's illegal to drive this fast and too expensive to risk getting caught...).

8 Don't drive like the Stig
Don't drive like the Stig if you want to save fuel. Keep to the right gear, change gears smoothly, don't overdo the revs when it comes to acceleration and don't brake too hard.
Note from FOXY - We thought long and hard about this tip because we believe it is mainly men who are more prone to aggressive driving. But because some women might drive this way or be able to influence some men ;-) we have included it.

9Buy bargain fuel
Register at www.petrolprices.com to receive regular emails to tell you where petrol and diesel prices are lowest near you; then factor in the cost of driving further than you need to, or organise a local shopping trip to justify this of course.

10Walk, cycle, car share, take the bus or catch a train more often...
We know you know this but we needed a tenth Top Ten Tip here ;-).
We also know that many women can't easily walk, cycle, take the bus or train - when you have multiple children in tow, need to ferry sick relatives, work part time when car sharing never seems to match, want to be safe at night or live in a rural community with little or no public transport to suit.

About FOXY Lady Drivers Club..

Awardwinning FOXY Lady Drivers Club www.foxyladydrivers.com is a unique life assistance membership service that helps women run safer cars, enjoy female friendly motoring services, cope when motoring gets stressful and save money on everyday motoring bills.

FOXY Classic membership costs £20 per annum plus a one off £3 joining fee which is donated to the Cancer Buddies Network charity.

Exclusive benefits for members and their family include
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+ FREE legal advice about road traffic law
+ FREE 'no fault' accident assistance service including up to £50,000 of legal fees

To find out more, contact Steph via steph@foxyladydrivers.com.

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