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How to remove a negative review from your amazon account?

Press Release: August 22, 2019

Amazon has more than 2 million third-party sellers which account for more than half of its sales - with this huge competition, Amazon sellers must maintain high feedback ratings and good reviews to differentiate themselves and remain successful in the industry.

Without a star rating, sellers cannot build a buyer’s trust. By scanning the feedback ratings on Amazon's seller profiles, buyers quickly determine which sellers are the most reliable and most trustworthy. Almost always, consumers will choose to give their business to the sellers with a higher ranking, especially if they choose between listings of the same price.

Bad reviews are always the biggest concern for Amazon sellers. Even a 1-star review shown on the first review page can drag your sales down like you never expected off. Let me share a few truly needy steps to follow so that all negative reviews disappear from our product listings like magic.

When you receive unfair negative comments on Amazon, act rapidly.

Majorly the negative comments I receive are product comments, price complaints or other unjustifiable negative comments. It is contrary to Amazon's comment policy that a buyer leaves comments for a seller that is related to a review or price of the product. As soon as you receive an unjustifiable negative comment, contact Seller Support and ask nicely to them to delete the comment as it violates the comment guidelines.

Give a good customer experience and the buyer will remove the comment

While Seller's Support probably will not delete comments for you.

When you receive a negative comment and you are wrong, contact the buyer with a friendly email. Through mail, tell them you are sorry for the mistake you committed. Also, tell them that you have learned from the mistakes and that you appreciate being told where you were wrong. Politely ask them if there is anything I can do to compensate them. Tell them that customer satisfaction is really important for you and you want to compensate them. Offer them Rs 200 Amazon gift card as an apology gesture to compensate for the inconvenience. Don’t make a request to delete the comment. Most likely, the buyer will accept the Rs 200 gift card and his apology.

A few days later sending the gift card, send them one more mail which says, that customer satisfaction and experience are very important for the company. Politely ask them again if there is anything else I can do for them. Then after this remind them that your feedback and reviews are very important to you as a new or a small seller on Amazon. Ask them very politely if they would consider updating the negative comments only if they wish because they have made up for their mistake. Provide the buyer with a link or instructions on how they can easily remove or if update their feedback and review Mostly, the seller will delete the comments.

The effort to resolve the issue by your own

Of course, there is always the possibility that you will not receive any response from the buyer. You keep trying to reach, but there is still no response.

If it is clear that the buyer or Amazon will not delete your negative comments, the best thing you can do is leave a direct response to the comments on the Amazon site; That way, another buyer who sees the negative comments will also see that you made the effort to solve the problem.

Final thoughts

Having a high seller feedback rating is an important part of becoming a successful Amazon seller. At the same time, negative feedback does not mean the dead-end on Amazon. The key is not to let negative feedback leave you disappointed when selling on Amazon. In the long run, a few negative ratings here and there won't bother if you focus on improving your business and offering exceptional customer service.

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