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Why we use SCANPST tool:-
SCANPST can be use because some PST file are exceed their size which show error i.e. corruption or damaged files. PST can exceed 2GB file size then it creates an error. To remove an error SCANPST tool is used. It is an inbuilt tool.
PST files: -
PST files stands for PERSONAL STORAGE TABLE. The extensions that are used to store PST file are (.pst) .PST support EML and MSG format also. It has personal folder in Outlook. PST files are stored email messages, calendars, contact etc. it is us.
PST file are of two types:-
a) ANSI-> It stands for American national standard institute. It was used in old version of Microsoft outlook 2000 and 2002 and these files had maximum size of 2GB. If any file reached their limit it sends an error:”PST file has reached their limit” as a result of file corruption.
 Microsoft provide a temporary solution in the form of repair tool ‘INBOX REPAIR TOOL’ which is also called ‘SCANPST.EXE’ which is used to repair minor corruption issue. We can use PST tool for crop the file if file is exceed than 2GB then this tool is use to crop this file.
b) UNICODE -> the PST files has maximum size of 20GB that are used as outlook 2003 and 2007 but now PST file has maximum size is 50GB that are used as outlook 2010.and is 2GB storage limit for a single user.
Microsoft provide a feature that you can convert ANSI file to UNICODE and UNICODE to ANSI.
Location PST files:-
PST files can created and save these files in this location and in this location all PST files can be found "C:\Users\Admin\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook”.
Inbuilt Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe):-
There are many reasons to corrupt the PST files. Some PST files can be correct by using manual instruction and using various updates. But some error cannot be handled by user so manually correction error cannot be the best method to resolve the issue. User cannot correct the damaged or corrupted files. So to resolve the issue and repair the file Microsoft has inbuilt tool that is Scantpst.exe or it is called inbox repair tool.

Inbox repair tool-> inbox repair tool can find the damage file and repair PST files. Outlook can provide tool that repair the corruption of ms word, Excel, Outlook. Inbox repair tool comes in MS-Outlook and helps in troubleshooting the carious error at the time of corruption. The corruption can be hardware failure or software failure. It can repair the minor level of corruption issue.
Location of scanpst.exe in computer:
Step1: Go to disk c<program files<Microsoft office<office12<SCAN

How to run inbox repair tool to repair and recover outlook PST files.
 There are following step to run inbox repair tool:
Step1: First double click on SCANPST to execute.

Step2: Insert the corrupted and damaged PST files by using the browsing button.

Step3: Beginning the scanning of PST files by clicking the start option.
Step4: Inbox repair tool start scanning when you clicking start button,the scanning time depend on the size of the PST file.

Step5: After complete scanning the SCANPST can show some result that it found
a) Folder found in this file: mean how folder can be present in the file.
b) Items found in this file: mean total item found in the file and folder.

Ste6: A user can see more result of PST file by clicking the option of details.
Step7: Before repair the files this toll save backup file of scanned PST file.
Step8: Then browse the location for backup file then save it the backup file.
Step9: After saving the backup file you can go for repair option.

Step10: When u clicking the repair option the corrupted files can be repaired.

Step11: After repairing the files the can be located at where u can save the backup file.
Step12: Then open outlook and go menu and then folder list. In folder list you can see the recovered personal folder file.
What is BAK file in outlook?
BAK file are stands for Backup Files. It uses the .bak extension to store the files. Many application produce BAK files as a part of their auto save data. These file which are use in Outlook to repair the files through SCANPST. SCANPST can find all the damaged files and repair those files but some files are miss by SCANPST so you can use BAK files to repair those files.
The BAK file name something .BAK and is in the same folders as your something.pst is placed.
Make a copy of the .bak file and rename it .pst and you will overwrite your newly repaired outlook.pst files. Import this new .pst file. When your import is finish just open this file in outlook.
 Pros of SCANPST File :-it can repair the minor level of corruption
 Cons of SCANPST File:- it cannot repair the hard and permanent deleted files

To remove the cons of PST file the developers built a tool which repairs the hard and permanent files you use the Outlook Recovery tool.


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