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How To Measure Curtains And Blinds For Your Windows? Here Are Tips From Experts

Press Release: October 07, 2018

London, England - Blinds and curtains have several uses for a home. They add a touch of decor and style, they offer residents privacy from the outside world, and they keep the sunlight out of the home when needed. With their many uses, it is odd to find a home without blinds or curtains. What is more common is finding houses with ill-fitting curtains that stand out in all the wrong ways.

Many are under the impression that the curtains and blinds bought off the rack will fit on their windows without much altering needed. The expert Blind fitters London are on a mission to help homeowners have the best fitting curtains possible. These are some of their useful tips:

Measurement is key

" Measurement is key," states one of the experts at MyFitters, one of London’s top curtain fitter companies today. "Take the time to measure the windows, keep note of the height and width. This way you will have a more accurate scale and measurement on your hands when you go curtain shopping." They happily advise.

Style preferences

" Always factor in your style preferences." Adds another expert fitter from the company. " Curtains can fully expose the window or leave shade when drawn. For homeowners who prefer to expose the entire window when the fabric is drawn completely, leave between 4 to 6 inches from the original width measurement." The expert explains further.

Curtain Fabric

Before they could add anything more, another fitter pipes in with another tip: " Keep in mind that the thicker your choice of curtain fabric, the more extra inches you’ll need. If you do not put enough space, the curtains will still block the window after they have been drawn fully."

Call the Pros

At first glance, measuring the windows for curtains and blinds seems like an easy task everyone can manage, but in truth, it is far more complicated for novices to perfect immediately. This usually entails several trial and errors. " If you have tried to measure your windows, but the results are not to your liking, it is best to call in the professional blind fitters London," suggests the company representative of MyFitters.

" All of our fitters have the skills and expert knowledge to properly measure and fit blinds and curtains of every size to fit any window." The company representative added with pride.

" Our fitters will do quick work and have your windows fitted with stunning curtains or blinds in a jiffy."

The services offered by MyFitters extend from all of the London boroughs and beyond. Customers from Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire have many praises for the company.

"Fitter very polite and tidy. Very good customer interface skills," comments Gavin Williams from Royston.

A customer from Hemel Hempstead has this to say about MyFitters: " Fitted my vertical blinds in front of my balcony doors. Left the area spotless and very happy with the work. Would definitely recommend and use again!"

" I had just three curtain tracks installed, but it was done well, with courtesy, good time-keeping and at a fair price." Praises Christine Jones of London.

Many more similar comments are left by satisfied customers after just one visit from a professional fitter. Contact MyFitters today to get a chance to experience their wonderful skills and services yourself.

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