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How to make your Uber Clone Safer For the Riders

Press Release: July 14, 2020

Taxi-business is on the peak right now, it is the perfect time to invest in ride-hailing business. Ride-Hailing business revolution was started by Uber, they have successfully established a billion dollars company. Currently, they are operating in more than 600+ cities worldwide across 60+ countries. Many other companies have also shown up and successfully running their own ventures like Ola, Lyft, Mytaxi, etc.  Such great demand and profit ratio, have attracted budding entrepreneurs and startups to follow this trend of ride-hailing business. Entrepreneurs and businesses have started developing their own Uber Clone App. Before app development make sure you choose a script that provides a user-friendly and safe trip to the users.

Safety Feature in Uber Clone

Sos System: Every time a ride begins, the SOS system must be activated on the user's application. Users can use that button to contact the police or their family members at the time of any emergency or unwanted circumstances. Also, Admin should get informed in case of emergency.

Driver Detailed Record: Always ensures about customer’s safety. It is highly important to verify your driver records, past background, and any criminal records. This process should be done before registering them in the online admin panel. 

First Aid and Basic Emergency Training: Drivers should be given training before registering them into the system. Special training ensures drivers dealing with tough and emergency situations. Basic First aid training should be provided to drivers, this ensures the safety of the users.

Safety Guide Within the Application: When riders book a ride, a guide stating safety measures should be sent to the riders. By taking safety measures they can enjoy safe rides.


With such specialized features and management of daily operations, you need an advanced Uber clone app. It is recommended to hire an app developer team or app development company, for such custom and specialized applications.

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