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How to make background music for movies

Press Release: August 26, 2015

Background music is a part of the film and television post-production, which includes the episode, OST and Theme Song three categories. Episode is relatively short, about three to four seconds, related to the mainly tone of the plot. Since the selection of existing concert to save a lot of costs, we will describe how to use AllPepole Video Cutter to background music with existing audio.

Video Cutter is a video, audio editing software expert. On the one hand it can cut audio or video by entering precise timeline and trimming video frames. On the other hand it can insert any picture or audio sound anywhere in the video to generate a new video file. It can insert audio \ video, image by sequentially layout to regenerate a new video.

Background music needs to be made in the required audio size first. The desired audio input in Video Cutter will be cut roughly by precise time and fine cut will go on in trim audio tracks. Then the editing work is completed. Next the required movie which will be added background music clips in the same way above. Finally, the appropriate background music and movie clips are combined to generate a new video.

After learning the production of background music by Video Cutter, we will find Video Cutter has the following two characteristics:

The first is its straightforward operation and simple and clear interface. The software was originally designed is to make even a little video clip despite knowledge no person can understand at a glance all the steps. Do not need a basic knowledge of video clipping. You do not need to understand the meaning of “time line” “non-coding” and other specialized vocabulary, so that everything is restored to the most intuitive way of editing.

The second is the powerful comprehensive features – cutting any audio / video. The most video, audio and picture formats are supported. It contains the innovative edition, advanced effects, animated gif flash map production, flash video productions. Entering precise timeline and trimming video frames to cut the audio / video of any parts you want. Taking advantage of these features, you can cut a Hollywood-level home movie in an easy way, and share with friends and family. Born with capability, Video Cutter makes everything possible.

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