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How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner During The Summer: 7 Tips From Experts

Press Release: August 21, 2020

Once the sweltering heat of the summer season arrives, having a working air conditioning unit is not just a luxury — it is essential. Professionals who specialise in air conditioning Essex know, however, that an AC system tends to "overwork" during the hot days.

This is especially true in AC units used in commercial properties that tend to get busier during summertime. If you run such a business, proper maintenance is a must to ensure that your unit can give the cool temperature you, your staff, your customers, and your products need.

In this blog, we’re giving seven tips from experts in air conditioning installation Essex to help you keep your unit in its tip-top shape.

Do advanced test runs. When it comes to AC maintenance, being proactive goes a long way. As early as spring, make it a point to do test runs to ensure your unit is in excellent working condition — and is ready to cool your home once the gruelling heat of summer arrives.

Conduct regular inspections. Besides doing early test runs, conducting regular inspections is also a must in order to detect and address issues before they get worse. From clogged vents to leaks to electronic malfunctions, air conditioning Essex technicians have the capacity to inspect and troubleshoot a wide range of AC concerns.

Always keep your filter clean. Much of AC unit efficiencies can be traced back to unclean filters. To prevent yourself from incurring costly repair expenses, regularly clean and change your filters. And make sure that the filters you’re using are appropriate for your AC unit.

Maintain proper airflow. To further ensure efficient cooling, inspect your property for any obstructions in the vents. Remove any furniture or equipment that might block vents and prevent proper airflow within the room or building.

Seal any openings. Experts in air conditioning Essex also strongly recommend sealing any openings that may let cold air escape from your room or building. If your property has cracks on windows, walls, and doors, it’s also high time for you to address them before the summer season kicks in.

Let your AC unit rest. To save money and energy, it’s advisable to maintain a consistent AC temperature. If it’s not necessary for your products or nature of business, let your AC system rest while you’re property is not yet open for business.

Look for other ways to cool down. Did you know that you can use ceiling fans as an aid to your AC unit during the summer season? Apart from getting help from fans, you have to first and foremost remind the importance of keeping oneself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and indulge in cold beverages once in a while.

Harrison HCB is one of the leading names in air conditioning installation Essex. They also deliver maintenance and repair services at competitive rates to both residential and commercial clients. If you’re looking for AC experts to help you protect your business’ AC system during the summer season, you can reach them out via telephone at 020 7043 1002 or via e-mail at shaun@harrisonhcb.co.uk.

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