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How to keep a team successful in lockdown

Press Release: March 29, 2021

Keeping motivated  

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown over the past year, Velez Managed Services has grown by a significant amount in terms of employees, clients, partners, offices and geographical reach and is now a  globally recognized third party maintenance company. 

Despite the circumstances, Velez hasn’t let a lockdown, working from home, limited travel and communication or any restrictions stop it from the success it has achieved recently. How did they do it?  

A business is nothing without those who work within it and the individuals who make up each different team. It is essential to keep those in your business motivated to ensure success, however motivation has failed most of us recently, since working from home just isn’t the same. So how is this possible? Motivation isn’t something you can just give to someone.  

The mistake most people make is focusing on a business’s success, not each team. A building can’t stand without the building blocks falling into place! Different teams are what make a business succeed. Velez Managed Services has spoken about its recent successes, and how its team is the key to where it is now. 

From mental health to a success timeline, here are Velez's tips on how to keep your teams successful through a lockdown.  

Create a success timeline  

Creating goals can be easy, but the real step to success is deciding when and how they will happen. Goals aren’t just goals, they’re steps to where you want to be, meaning you must take your time. You can’t reach the top of the stairs unless you have climbed the other steps first. A spokesperson for Velez Managed Services admitted that the easiest way to achieve goals is to “make smaller targets first”. 

Whether it’s a target number of employees hired by next month, a potential client or even something big like a new office, all goals must be broken down into smaller goals and set along a timeline. For example, if 10 new employees needed to be hired in a month, how many will be in sales? What positions will they hold? When will they start?  

Time is the key to success when setting goals, as it ensures they are completed by a certain date. If there is no time schedule, Velez argues “there may be no motivation to get it done”. Time can also be altered by the current situation, so “don’t get frustrated and have patience”.  

Communication is key 

Communication is key when working from home, as it’s not as easy as a simple passing comment in the office. Whether it’s for the sake of mental health, or to get across important information in zoom calls, it is essential there is as much communication as possible not just within teams but within the entire business.  

Velez Managed Services has explained that “communication through emails, chats, calls and facetimes are essential”, whether individually or in a group, to ensure everyone stays on track with work and with each other. 

Velez admitted to having virtual get together every Friday night with the team, in place of what would be an evening out with the team. It’s important a team feels comfortable and at ease with each other to ensure they feel safe enough to speak to them when needed. Not only does this help with mental health, but it also keeps everyone motivated and can be an easy exchange of information vital to working successfully.  

Be realistic  

No one becomes a millionaire in a day, unless you’re insanely lucky. Most successes come with hard work and dedication, which is the hard part. Being realistic with your goals can save you a lot of time, effort and disappointment. Whether you’re an employee who would like a promotion, or a CEO you would like to expand to a new office, none can be completed instantly.  
When setting yourself a goal, Velez says you must be realistic with how you’re going to get there: “Set miniature goals, set a time for when you’d like to get there, and have patience”.

Patience is something that’s been tested massively recently, but it’s the thing that will keep you ahead of others. Admitting that things may not happen as fast as they had liked is something that came with difficulty to Velez, and something they realised quickly. However, with patience it’s been proven to work out in the end. 

Current circumstances have changed working life for everyone, so it’s important to be grateful for any goal achieved, as many companies haven’t been fortunate enough to have achieved what they wanted.  
Transparency - with the correct people  

Being transparent and honest is vital - however, be careful who you’re honest with. When speaking to those you work with it is respected when you’re honest about work. Whether it’s admitting you aren’t feeling as motivated as usual, that you need help with work or even that plans aren’t going ahead anymore like you had hoped, employees and colleagues will respect your honesty, and maybe some will relate, putting them at ease. 

Velez has realised that this pulls teams closer together and creates a sense of honesty and security. This can keep a team successful as nothing goes unnoticed or unspoken of. Keep those in your team in the loop, however, don’t be completely honest about where you’re headed to others in the business as they’ll make sure they get there before you.  

Credit where it's due  

Working to complete tasks and goals can be so much more difficult in a global pandemic as motivation is limited, mental health can affect work and resources can be given slower due to everything being remote. This can cause deadlines to be not met, work to be at a lower standard and communication to be limited. 

Despite current circumstances, your team are probably working their absolute hardest, so take that into consideration. However, Velez has mentioned that keeping up with communication can prevent those from slacking and ensure work is up to speed. Velez states they have made sure to “give extra credit over the past year, point out good work” and even do “mini awards within the company to show hard work doesn’t go unnoticed”. It all adds up and ensures people feel motivated, knowing their hard work will be recognised.  

Get succeeding! 

Many have found it difficult to find motivation over the pandemic, and they aren’t alone. 

Matthew Barnsley, head of Marketing at Velez Managed Services, said: “Having joined the Velez team during the global pandemic, I have been able to witness first-hand how much importance they place on employee wellbeing. Whether we’re in the office or working from home, we still make sure to hold meetings and regular catchups to keep in touch with not only our own teams, but others across the company.” 

Having gained partners and clients all over the world in the past year, Velez Managed Services have clearly found their way of working throughout a lockdown. However, they know their way isn’t the right way, as its different for everyone. Velez create SLAs that fit the needs of their clients, meaning they take into consideration circumstances with the companies they work with.

To find out more about what Velez offers as a rising IT company, visit its website at velezmanagedservices.com

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