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How to Improve Conversion Rates for Your Ecommerce Store

Press Release: October 17, 2016

Do you own an e-commerce store? Got no or very low sales? It can be really disheartening when you do not get the desired results even after putting in so much of hard work and efforts. Online arena is filled with a lot of stuff on how to make money, but still, the methods and tips somehow don't seem to work at times. You have got a new store but somehow it isn’t delivering as per your expectations. Does this sound similar to your situation? Well, read on, for here in this article we will give some sure shot tips that will help you improve the rate of conversion of your online store and rake in big profits.

Get a Reality Check

First ask yourself, do online shoppers really know that your e-commerce store exists? You created a great e-commerce store but did you really put in the efforts to promote it and pitch it to the potential customers? The online arena is flooded with e-commerce websites and it is pretty much obvious for a website to get lost in this crowd. For a store to be successful it is important that it is easily accessible to the customers. You need to provide your e-commerce website with a good amount of exposure to ensure the customers know that it exists.

Although it may sound really a tough nut to crack, it isn’t that difficult a task. You simply have to do simple activities that people generally do to provide their websites with a good exposure. Join different forums and discuss the products or services you are offering. The trick is to post enough information along with a link that will direct the potential customers back to your e-commerce website. Same activity has to be done with social media websites and blog commenting. Make sure you make enough posts along with useful information that would guide the customers to your e-commerce store. This will also increase traffic on your website

So, now, you have provided your store with a good exposure, but will it really meet the expectations of your customers? What if after customers visited your store and your e-commerce website did not live up to their expectations? All the above-mentioned tips will then not fetch any results. Store owners often think that just getting a high traffic on their website means more conversions, but the real deal is, convincing a visitor to stay and converting him into a returning customer.

Right Efforts In The Right Direction

First, have a look at your store, does it look reliable? Online customers won’t buy your products unless you offer them something to trust your store. Always keep your company information up to date and make sure it is displayed prominently. This will not only instil a sense of trust among the customers but will also lend a credibility to your e-commerce store.

Second is the design, a good e-commerce design will always attract more customers. Make sure the product images are of good quality and have a clear description. Remember, the more a customer has to struggle to figure out what you’re selling, lower will be the chances of it being sold. The information you provide on your website should be clearly visible and easy to understand. A user will move to a more convenient store if anything on your store is too difficult or astounding.

Third important thing is the shopping cart. Make sure that the shopping cart on your store is easily accessible. Remember, this eventually has to be your call to action. This is one of the crucial factors in the e-commerce solutions. A customer would add the items to the shopping cart and would want to view the cart before making the final purchase. It is, therefore, imperative that the shopping cart is located at a convenient and easily accessible place. So do not conceal it or put it in a place where no one can see it.

In short, the rate of conversions is directly proportional how strong is the presence of your store. First, make sure that the people know that you have an e-commerce store. Then, make sure your e-commerce store live up to the expectations of the clients in all spheres including design, user interface, user experience and ease of navigation. Focus on these two factors and be assured, your conversion will begin to gradually increase.

However, the reality is you might be too much occupied with other business related tasks and may not have the time to indulge in all the above-mentioned activities. Does that mean you can never get good traffic and higher conversions? Well, not really, for there are many expert companies who have a team of experts who are adept at delivering personalised solutions to improve the presence if your store and provide high conversions. As a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) initiative, they have the right tools to execute the task in a perfect manner.

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