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How To Give Your Home A Fresh And Cohesive Look: 9 Tips From Interior Designers

Press Release: October 30, 2020

Bringing your home to life through well-planned interior design is not as easy as you think it is. Like any interior designer Berkshire can attest to, their clients can either be too overwhelmed with their ideas -- or too clueless about where to start. Really, how does one give their home a fresh and cohesive look? Here are nine pointers to consider:

Figure out a functional floor plan. First and foremost, you have to create a space that's inherently functional. Interior design can only become truly effective if the blueprint itself has been wisely crafted. Everything will follow suit if you have a floor plan that is fit for your household’s lifestyle.

Choose a cohesive paint colour scheme. When it comes to being cohesive, experts in interior design Berkshire agree on one thing: Your choice of paint colour matters. Don't be afraid to do some mix-and-matching -- just make sure that you consult with a pro to arrive at an outcome that's not too outlandish for your personality.

Know that natural lighting and ventilation is key. If you want to keep your home fresh and breezy, the key is maximising natural light and ventilation sources. Especially if you're in a neighbourhood with clean air, you have to take advantage of the natural surroundings you're gifted with.

Be smart with your storage areas. Living in a well-organised home can help reduce your stress levels. So if you want to avoid your space from looking cramped and cluttered, invest in storage solutions that are smart and versatile.

Invest in upholstery. The presence of upholstered furniture in your home is not only a great way to make your space look cohesive -- it can also make it look cozy and expensive. Just bear in mind that you have to properly maintain these items to maximise their lifespan.

Use theme-appropriate fixtures. If you want to be consistent with your style, your interior designer Berkshire will most probably advise you to pay attention to your fixtures -- from those in the living room to those in your bath, they have to adhere to the theme you're aiming for.

Spruce up your space with plants. Seeing touches of green in different parts of your home can also do the trick of making your interior space look cohesive. Remember to choose indoor plants with great benefits -- like air purification.

Accessorise. To make your home truly a home you can call your own, accessories it with pieces that reflect your style and personality. Work with a professional to avoid going overboard with your decorative items and ornaments.

Follow your instinct. Last but not the least -- trust your gut feelings. If you feel like a certain furniture or artwork is not to your liking, don't force yourself to be fond of it.

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