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How to get the career you want!- Advice from JTM Solutions newest manager on finding that new career

Press Release: March 05, 2010

Its no secret that the economic situation has had its affect on employment figures. Despite declining unemployment rates in 2009, figures suggest that up to 2.46 million people* are currently unemployed with up to another million people working part time due to lack of full time positions available. These figures do not even include the large amount of tradesman and workforce having to consider a career change to survive the credit crunch. But with all of this competition in the job market, how do you stand out from the crowd? We asked JTM Solutions newest manager, Thomas Junior to share his top tips for success as he prepares to open up a brand new office in Norwich!
Firstly, pick your industry wisely, suggests Thomas. As much as Im sure it will pick up, its not the wisest move to be looking to begin a career as a bricklayer right now. I found the marketing industry perfect as I found it not only utilised my people skills but also moved with the times. We are able to offer campaign packages for all budgets, so more major companies are turning to us in the recession than ever! Its also important to feel its something youll enjoy. Theres no point in training hard to become a nurse if youre afraid of blood, even if you feel it is recession proof! Its worth taking a pay cut or extra training on to avoid boredom settling in and finding yourself in exactly the same position in a years time!
Thomas also stresses the importance of hard work. The large number of unemployed means theres always someone to step into your position if you dont put in what you should. No one is suggesting 16 hour days will make your life easier (you may be popular at work but itll be another story at home!) but make yourself flexible. Staying an extra half an hour to finish a job or answering an extra couple of calls from customers can really make you stand out from the crowd! You never know, you could completely buck the trend and be promoted, like me! Its a hard time for everyone, but trust me, when you succeed with all of the figures against you, it feels a million times better!
*Figures sourced from The Telegraph, James Moore 21/01/2010 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/fall-in-official-unemployment-rate-masks-rise-in-the-hidden-jobless-1874210.html

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