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How to get a promotion you deserve at Parker Worldwide.

Press Release: March 08, 2010

Take control of the situation," says Robert Lowe, who was recently promoted through the Business development program into Management at Marketing firm Parker Worldwide Ltd. Getting that promotion becomes an achievable goal if you take initiative and responsibility for your advancement. All it takes are a few key steps: communication, the right knowledge, professional skills, a plan of action and the art of negotiation.

First of all, Robert adds, "Initiate communication with your boss." Through effective communication with his boss, he learned that he wanted to know more about what was happening in other departments in the company. He offered to find out for him. Now Robert meets with his boss 10-15 minutes a day to give him the big picture of what is happening in the firm.

Evaluation of your work may rest on unwritten and unspoken expectations. Uncovering these hidden expectations and taking concrete steps to full fill them will boost your chances of advancement.

The value of these communication efforts on your job performance is that you can receive support and feedback in a non-threatening, supportive atmosphere. As you learn to receive constructive feedback, you will be able to identify and pursue opportunities for growth and advancement within the company you work for.

Every business has its own rules for raises and promotions. Some companies offer raises based on a cost-of-living index or how long employees have worked with the company. For Parker Worldwide Ltd and many other firms, promotions are determined by an in-depth employee evaluation, which is based on an employee's professional development and initiative.

Knowing what skills your company bases promotions on will help you take active steps to improve your job performance. Being offered constant support and training on these skills while working in your current position will speed up your career development and help the business growth in size and strength within its entire team, allowing for an overall company expansion.

For example, Robert explains that Parker Worldwide evaluates its employees through a four-pronged approach that incorporates performance appraisals, personal development plans, upward feedback (team members appraising a team leader's performance) and customer feedback. These four components provide Parker Worldwides leaders and managers with a detailed assessment of each employee's work performance.
While the quality and quantity of work performed are important, Parker Worldwides, assistant managers and managers, emphasizes good critical thinking and decision-making skills, employee initiative and good self-management skills as critical components in work performance.

Other employee characteristics that managers look for when evaluating job performance include: planning and organizational skills, adaptability, ability to implement change effectively and quickly, emotional control, interpersonal skills, a sense of ethics, and commitment to learning personal and professional development.

Armed with the knowledge of what your company looks for in a good employee, your next step to job advancement is to make your skills match your employer's expectations. Development of professional skills not only reflects your commitment to personal and professional growth, but also increases your value as an employee and your bargaining power for negotiating a raise or promotion.

A good place to work on skill development is through continuing education courses, professional seminars and business courses supplied at Parker Worldwide. Robert Lowe developed his professional skills through courses such as "Time Management" and "Conflict Resolution" taught during his time on the business development program, and through working closely with the Management team prior to his own promotion.
Robert Lowe says, "I always attempt to display continuous growth and mastery in my profession." He achieves this goal by attending meetings from the companies top managers and director, obtaining professional registrations, and recently completing the Business development program.

"My employers have benefited by having a well-rounded person with evidence of learning and continuing education, in their place of work" Robert adds.

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