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How to find the most affordable car service offers online

Press Release: May 19, 2015

Car servicing is crucial if you want to keep your vehicle in a healthy state and a road-worthy condition. However it can get pretty annoying since it requires regular check-ups, high maintenance and frequent financial investments. Don’t stress any further. Save yourself some time and energy by looking for the best car service offers online instead of driving around your local area looking for quality mechanics. Here is some tips on how to spot a good and reliable service offer on the internet and solve of your servicing concerns from the comfort of your own home.

Look for websites who offer various service providers

You want to entrust your vehicle to a reputable service shop however big names can cost more money. There are a lot of websites such as MyCarNeedsA that offer a variety of quality car service providers who will actually bid to give you the most affordable offer for your budget. This is indeed the most reliable scenario on the internet since all the service providers are authorised mechanics with professional background and evaluate all the problems and costs before you even take your car to their service shop. As a potential customer, all you need to do is post a brief description or a photo of your cars condition and the service requirements and wait for the best offer to be presented to you. Since the decision making is done online, you can take as much as time as you need in making the right decision.

Look for quotations not estimations

The difference between a quotation and an estimation is that the first one is more reliable. Quotations are fixed estimations and they represent a promise that the mechanics working on your vehicle will charge you the price that you’ve agreed on before closing the deal. Unlike quotes, when repairmen estimate the value of the costs they just give you a best guess as to how much the work will cost. As a customer, you might get easily confused and agree on an estimate and then be expected to pay unreasonably more once the servicing is finished. If you settle for a quotation, the costs will most like be the ones you we’re promised in the first place.

Look for user-friendly websites

If you spot a comment section on a website where customers can share their car related experiences with the service providers then you know this is a user-friendly website. Logging in should be free and effortless and you should be able to scroll around the website without any difficulties. Your basic information like contact or address needs to be private so you don’t be pestered by service providers in the future. For example, MyCarNeedsA only shares your private info with the service providers you have personally chosen so they can contact you for more accurate arrangements such as time and date of the servicing inspection. Also they offer you the possibility of leaving a service ranking which is really helpful for the decision making process of future customers.

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