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How to fight oxidative stress with your DNA?

Press Release: May 22, 2014

With Vitality DNA test and CRD Personalized Treatment, of the Italian Company DF Medica, it is possible to identify the genetic factors of causes that stimulate excess free radicals and start a personalized program towards wellbeing.

The CRD anti age treatment is especially created in base of the results of the DNA Test Vitality. The tailored treatment slows the natural and physiologic aging process by acting on two fronts at the same time:


Start taking SUPPLEMENTS TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS to help your body produce a quantity of antioxidants that can effectively combat oxidative stress. Among the most effective active ingredients to be mentioned is the Epigallocatechin Gallate, one of the most important polyphenols found in green tea which carries a very high antioxidant protection.


Protect the skin, especially the face, which is the most exposed to environmental oxidizing agents, with the day and night creams whose active ingredients are a barrier to aggression from free radicals. The anti- free radical action of CRD Age Day cream is guaranteed by vitamin E derived from corn and the cathechins in the extract from green camellia sinensis 40% concentrated. A solar filter from the salix tree protects the skin from the oxidative action of sunlight and external agents.

Among the ingredients of the CRD Age Night cream to be highlighted is coenzyme Q 10, whose action promotes cellular respiration and allows the cell to restore its original ene.

Learn more about aggression from free radicals, oxidative stress at http://www.dfmedica.it/?page_id=13&lang=en

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