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How to Extract More Juice from a Google My Business (GMB) Account?

Press Release: March 03, 2020

We all agree on one thing. As small business owners, we have multiple roles to juggle. Marketing is the key to survival in an increasingly digitised world. But it is neither easy nor straightforward. But it is heartening to note that Google, the search behemoth has taken positive steps to help small businesses make a pertinent impact. Any local business that satisfies Google’s criteria can claim a free Google My Business - GMB listing. Research indicates that 78% of location-based searches result in an offline purchase and 46 % of Google searches look for local information. Mastering local SEO or Google my business SEO is thus the key.

While many businesses take pains to enrol in a GMB, they forget to maintain the same. This is where the real challenge is. Constant and regular updates are required to stay relevant and some tips are indicated below.

  • Complete your GMB profile

While it may sound like something very silly, it is pertinent. Always complete the GMB profile by filling all fields and by choosing the correct business category. The more the data the more is the useful information that is displayed during a local search and this will automatically help in positioning your business better.

  • Utilize all features to the maximum

There are numerous features within the GMB, including the ability to post video, post events, give a call to action, loading images and setting up SMS alerts, among others. By utilizing all relevant features and staying on top of things, you can save time, money and effort in running your account and business!

  • Post regular updates

There are a lot of features of GMB that are open to the public, including reviews. Ensure that you respond to reviews, whether favourable or unfavourable, honestly. Sometimes, competitors can also derail your plans by changing the category or making other changes. Do not panic. By regularly monitoring your account and keeping it updated, you stay fresh and relevant in Google’s eyes, thereby boosting your ranking. Many local SEO service consultants offer Google my business SEO. Engaging with them for a Google business/SEO maintenance will ensure that you just hand them the data while they work the magic!

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