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How To Drive In Snow

Press Release: January 07, 2010

I thought now would be a good time to write about how to drive in the snow.

First of all decide if your journey is really necessary.

If you really do need to drive it would be wise to check your car over before you start a journey.This will include checking your windscreen washer fluid,engine coolant,tyres & lights.

I would also recommend keeping some warm clothes as well as some food and a flask of a warm drink,just in case you do get stuck.

The main thing when driving in snow or ice is to be as smooth as possible with all your controls.Try to avoid harsh acceleration,braking & steering.You want to drive on tiptoes.

To help with this you will need to plan your driving well in advance,by this I mean looking as far ahead as possible so you can spot hazards early and start easing off your accelerator early.

The more you can avoid using the brakes the better,so as mentioned above ease off your accelerator early & go down through the gears to help the car slow down by using engine braking-just make sure that after changing down you ease the clutch back up gently.

If you do get into a skid the first thing to do is ease of the pedals.You need to take away the cause of the skid-so if you are braking, then ease of the brake pedal until the tyres regain their grip.Like wise if you are accelerating & you feel the car start to slide, ease of the accelerator until you have regained grip.

If the back of the car starts to slide you will need to steer into the skid, ie if the back of the car slide to the right you will need to steer gently to the right,at the same time easing off your pedals until the car has regained grip.

It can take up to ten times longer to stop in icy conditions ,so leave a really big space between you & the vehicle in front.

So to recap-:
Try to drive very smoothly
Look as far ahead as possible
Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front
Slow down using your gears
If you skid, ease off the pedals.

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