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How To Design Bathrooms Safe For Kids: 4 Design Tips From Experts

Press Release: November 19, 2018

Sittingbourne, Kent - Parents who want to instill responsibility and independence early on are those that allow their children to have their own bathroom. These bathrooms are usually designed differently from the typical bathroom to make them more appealing to young children. As they say, a fun bathroom encourages children to become interested in hygiene.

The challenge many parents face when they enter bathroom shops Kent is finding designs and installations that are child-friendly. Here are some tips to keep in mind before visiting the Nicholls bathroom showrooms Kent to the different options available to you:

Regulate Water Temperature

Hot water and children do not mix. Bathrooms that do not have thermostatic features that help regulate water temperature is very dangerous for children. Always make sure that the water temperature is calibrated and set to a fairly low maximum temperature so that it does not become scalding hot.

Use Anti-Slip Stickers

The use of anti-slip stickers in bathtubs and showers should be done in every bathroom, not just the child’s. Wet floors are very slippery and extremely dangerous. Add a few cute stickers your children will enjoy to prevent any slips and falls when they enter or exit the tub or shower. Designs come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and characters so your child can choose to mix and match them all!

Strategically Placed Storage Cabinets

The bathroom shops Kent residents visit will have a number of storage options available specifically for use in the bathroom. Although choosing a colour and design to match the theme of a child’s bathroom is important, knowing where they should be installed is a bigger priority.

Cabinets for towels can be stored low to allow children easy access, but cabinet used for storing shampoo, toothpaste, and other potentially harmful chemicals should be placed in an area that is out of reach, even when they use their step stools.

Consult With An Experienced Designer

The best way to ensure your child’s safety is guaranteed is to work closely with a trusted bathroom designer. Nicholls was first established back in 1961 and the team specialises in custom-made bathroom designs and fittings. Everything you could ever want in your child’s safe bathroom can be drawn up and brought to life by the bathroom experts.

The Nicholls Proven Track Record

With over 50 years of excellent service, it is no surprise that reviews and praises have poured in for the team. Happy clients, H & M Burns have this to say: "We extend our gratitude and thanks to the team for their hard work and attention to detail. Our new bathroom is a true delight and we will forever be grateful for the advice and guidance in choosing the best fixtures, fittings, and tiles for our bathroom."

Visit The Showroom In Kent

Come by the bathroom showrooms Kent based office to see for yourself how Nicholls can transform your child’s bathroom. Don’t hesitate to drop by or call 01795 472 819 for a free estimate or a quick consultation with the experts. Leave the designing and child-proofing of the bathroom to the professionals at Nicholls.

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