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How to design and order a new kitchen and why we're opting for Howden?

Press Release: June 01, 2020

From choosing the right kitchen style to finding the interior designer and agreeing on the set layout, there are many things to consider when planning a new kitchen. No matter how tempted you are to rush into a store and select your favourite designs, it is crucial to take your time and decide what exactly you want.

Why Choose a Howdens kitchen design?

Many modern homeowners are picking the stylish and functional Howdens kitchen design. Wondering why? Well, there are various reasons, such as:

  • Howdens kitchen manufacturers claim to offer brilliant quality and high performance.
  • There are several Howdens kitchen ranges to help you create any kitchen style – be it traditional or modern.
  • Howdens worktops offer various designs and patterns.
  • Howdens supplies kitchen designs directly to tradesmen. This means a potential buyer could purchase their new kitchen personally. This is a big plus if you want to have kitchen designers and builders/fitters involved while selecting or discussing something.
  • Howdens kitchen is an affordable option than most kitchen design options.

Steps to design and order your new Howdens kitchen design:

Here, we have brown down the entire planning process in simple manageable steps to make the selection procedure easier:

  1. Assess Your Kitchen Requirements

First and foremost, you have to make a list of the things you like or dislike about your existing kitchen. It could be your messy storage to the colour of cabinetry or types of appliances. It will help you focus more on improving specific aspects of your kitchen. 

Also, consider whether the existing space works for you or you need to extend it. The most common way to extend a kitchen is to knock down a wall in-between your dining room and kitchen. This makes an open-plan kitchen design scheme.

This way you can even ask yourself certain questions like how to use the given space. Do you need a place to only prepare meals or are you planning to create a multifunctional area for having lunch and dinner with your family and friends? What do you cook often and how you like to cook?

You need to consider all these aspects to plan and design your dream kitchen.

  1. Choose Colours for Kitchen Design

When planning your kitchen design, you also need to consider the right colours for your kitchen design. You may consider a lighter or darker colour scheme, depending on your kitchen space.

For smaller kitchens, it’s best to pick light colours that make the small kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. Larger kitchens, however, can opt for darker kitchen designs with certain variations or contemporary colour schemes.

You can also consider monotone or multi-tone kitchen design. In a monotone, usually, a single dominant colour plays an important role in designing the entire kitchen, without any patterns or variations. On the other hand, multi-tone kitchen is a blend of two or more colours (in the same colour family or contrasting colours), depending on how subtle or bold look you desire for your new kitchen.

  1. Think about kitchen countertops and flooring

After selecting the right colour scheme for your kitchen design, you need to select the right countertop and flooring materials to match your design scheme. You have a wide range of countertop and flooring materials, such as quartz, marble, granite, ceramics, laminate, wood, etc.

You can select these countertops based on your personal preference and your lifestyle. For instance, if you have a busy work life and you cannot spend much effort and time to maintain your countertop, opt for granite, quartz or ceramics that need little maintenance and are durable.

But for homeowners who can put in efforts and time to maintain their worktops, materials like marble, laminate and wood are good choices.

  1. Visit Store and Order

You can go through various kitchen social media handles and magazines to look at the pictures of stylish kitchen designs. This way you will know how to put together a perfect layout for your kitchen.

Once you decide everything as per the chosen colour theme, you can visit a reputed kitchen supplier to order or pick the right items. After that, you need to contact the right fabricator and installer to fit the material and make your dream kitchen.

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