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How to deal with violence in the workplace - a must-have resource pack from Barbour

Press Release: April 06, 2010

How to deal with violence in the workplace a must-have resource pack from Barbour.

Barbour Environment, Health & Safety are pleased to announce the addition of The Barbour Resource Pack: Violence in the Workplace to their extensive range of resources.

The Health and Safety Executives definition of work-related violence is:
Any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work.

With numbers of incidents of work related violence on the rise, many local authorities are visiting businesses to help them crack down on violence in the workplace.

Barbour has produced a resource pack to help businesses which includes;
A Directors Briefing - short, clear summary covering significant areas of the topic, including responsibility, competence and duty of care
Employee Factsheets - clear, concise information concerning identifying, managing and controlling the risks and hazards faced with incidents of work related violence.

This resource pack is the first in a series of new content to be added to the Barbour service. Future topics to be covered include; Noise, Stress at Work, Muscular Skeletal Disorder and Asbestos duty of care. These packs are just one of the many resources available from Barbour covering a range of key topic areas.
To get your free copy of the Barbour Resource Pack: Violence in the Workplace visit: http://www.barbour-ehs.com/downloads/violence-in-the-workplace-resource-pack

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