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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Press Release: March 02, 2010

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a much underrated piece of household equipment, perhaps associated more with drudgery than with beauty and efficiency, but many vacuum cleaners these days are also attractively designed and are admirable pieces of machinery, if you take the time to choose the one thats best for you and get to know it a bit. A powerful one will keep your house spotless for you as well as providing some exercise, and if you look after it you can be sure it will look after you. Choosing the right model is therefore paramount.

As with anything, from cameras to computers, there is a pattern below the apparent chaos that will fit your specific needs. This immediately narrows the field down to just a few choices instead of the hundreds that at first confront you. Cleaning ability, ease of use and durability are the main considerations. Then decide whether you would be happier with a canister vacuum, which is great for bare floors and rugs and comes with attachments for drapes and upholstery, or an upright that works best with wall-to-wall carpets and stairs.

A noiseless central system will be most expensive and you might need to get a handheld vacuum for odd corners. Wet-dry vacuums are ideal for work areas such as a garage or basement but are bulky and noisy. If you decide to go for a cordless vacuum for whatever reason, bear in mind that the suction will not be so good.

It is worth checking out a few consumer tests before deciding on which vacuum cleaner is best for you in terms of suction and power consumption, and also bear in mind important peripheral considerations like weight, cord length, type and number of attachments, and placement of the on-off switch.

In these troubled financial times, many householders are less inclined than they might have been in the past to throw away something like a vacuum cleaner just because it suddenly stopped working, and are more likely to try and find out what the problem is and attempt to fix it. This was common practice in former days, and the attitude is making a comeback. Companies like SpareSaverUSA have moved in to fill a gap in the market for spare parts, and on their site you can not only easily get your hands on any parts and accessories that you may want, but also new cleaners at unbeatable prices, cleaning products and lots of help and support.

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