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How to Choose Bette Steel Baths in the UK?

Press Release: October 21, 2020

Anyone who is planning to furnish a new bathroom or renovating an older one, choosing the material for bath can be a bit confusing. A vast variety of baths are available in the market in a selection of materials. Stainless steel is one of the most popular and robust material when it comes to the durability and reliability of the bath. Another good reason for selecting a steel bath is its designer look that adds a luxurious feel to the bathroom interior. The smooth surface with no pores is easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

Bette Baths is a German brand with years of reputation for manufacturing high-quality baths and bathroom wares. Bette produces an extensive range of stainless-steel bath in an assortment of shapes and sizes with fantastic construction and a 30-year warranty. 

Bette uses high-quality metal sheet that is pressed and molded into a variety of shapes. The clean, crisp lines and smooth angles give perfect designer look while the ultra-smooth surface and enamel finish make them impact, scratch, and chemical resistant. The state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and expert craftmanship are behind the exceptional quality. Impressive quality and promised durability to make the steel bath a popular choice over the acrylic and other bath materials.

Why to choose Bette steel bath?

Bette has a large portfolio of high-end glazed titanium steel baths that are comparatively lightweight than regular metal baths. They use 3.5mm thick sheet that does not add much to the weight while offering the similar strength and durability. 

Never fading colours

The Bette steel bath comes with high-quality enamel finish that gives it a timeless shiny look. The colour and glow will not fade, do not go away even in direct sunlight.

Strong and robust

Unlike acrylic baths that are more likely to get affected by the degree of movement when used as a shower bath, a steel bath is much strong and sturdy and does not move with the use. 

Impact and scratch-resistant

The steel baths with high-quality titanium glazing are extremely sturdy and highly resistant to the impact and scratches. The bath surface does not get affected by abrasive chemicals and you can clean it with any kind of cleaning agents without worrying about damages. 

Heat retention

Steel bath can retain the water heat better and for more time than other bath materials. So, you can enjoy the hot water soak for longer. You do not have to keep adding hot water again and again frequently.

Quiet design

Another benefit of a steel bath is that they are very quiet and do not make any echoey sound like an acrylic bath. The sturdy and smooth Bette steel baths do not have this issue and give you a quiet, comfortable bathing experience. 

Eco credentials

Steel is a 100% recyclable material. When the bath is no longer usable, it can be recycled and does not harm the environment in any way. 


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