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How To Choose A Cargo Van Rental For Your Small Business

Press Release: October 06, 2020

Whether you’re moving into a new location or delivering products to your clients, your small business needs a cargo van hire Essex service.

This type of van is popular among business owners, primarily, because it is easier to manoeuvre. They have enough space to transport a number of items — and they are not big enough to make it too difficult to drive, especially in accident-prone areas.

An added safety feature is it being enclosed — compared to other vehicle options like pickup trucks.

Cargo vans are also the more cost-effective choice if it’s inevitable for you to make multiple trips.

Cargo Van Rental Tips

Considering their benefits, it’s now time to hire van essex for your business’ logistics needs. How do you choose the right cargo van? Here are five things to consider:

The size and space of the van. First and foremost, you have to take into account how many — and how much weight — can the van accommodate. And for you to identify this, you have to know what are the items or products you’re transporting. You also have to consider if there are fragile or delicate objects among them.

The detonation and its distance from the point of origin. Cargo vans are perfect for short-distance transports. However, there are also vans available in bigger sizes to accommodate for more items — this is especially helpful if you’re traveling far and you don’t want to make multiple round trips. As stated cargo vans are more comfortable drive and less prone to accidents, which will be an advantage to your driver.

The budget that your business can allocate. Of course, when you hire van Essex services, you have to have a certain budget allocated for it. The larger that cargo van is, the pricier it will be. When asking for prices and quotes, enquire about what is included in their packages.

The availability of packing materials and supplies. Speaking of package inclusions, it’s also advisable to ask about the availability of packing materials. There are van rental businesses that offer this extra feature while others don’t. You can save money if you’ll choose a company that belongs to the former.

The insurance coverage of your supplier. Breakdowns and accidents happen. So if you want to have protection against these unfortunate events, rent cargo vans from a business with a full insurance coverage.

Quality Cargo Vans For Hire in Essex

Established in 2005, Scenic Self Drive is a family-run business that offers a comprehensive range of self-drive van hire Essex services. They have cargo vans available in small, medium and large sizes, and in manual and automatic — including a Citreon Berlingo, Ford Custom and more.

Apart from ensuring that their fleet of vehicles is in tip-top shape, they take pride in handling the paperwork and technicalities themselves. Additionally, their vans and other automobiles are fully insured, so you won’t have to worry about paying for breakdowns. In the event of an accident, Scenic Self Drive also offers a replacement van.

For enquiries, call them at 01708 753461 or e-mail them at info@scenicgetaway.co.uk. To know more about the business and their offerings, visit https://www.ssdrivehire.co.uk.

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