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How to Build a Brand Customers Fall in Love With?

Press Release: September 10, 2020

When your product or service is selling but you don’t enjoy customer loyalty or brand ambassadors, it’s time to come to Design Quarry for a brand strategy.


Branding is one of the most vital activities for a business, whether it’s big or small, retail or B2B. With an effective brand strategy, you can get the desired edge in a highly competitive marketplace. But how do you build a positive and long-lasting brand?

Branding is all about your promise to your customer. For instance, Nike promises inspiration and innovation to athletes around the world, BMW brings you the ultimate driving machine, Harley Davidson has created a culture of riding and a cult of bikers.

Building a brand and boosting your brand equity is a long-term process, involving your marketing team, design agency, sales personnel and your internal and external audience.

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Let’s Get Started


In simple terms, a positive brand image + standing out in the market = branding success. Building a brand your customers and employees will love involves 3 stages – brand strategy, brand identity and brand marketing.

At Design Quarry, we help our clients through every stage of the brand building process, until a strong brand equity is established. And then we work rigorously to protect and nurture it.


Things we Focus on during our Brand-Building Journey:

  • Discovering the true purpose behind your brand
  • Researching your competitors in the industry and helping you differentiate your brand
  • Being specific with your target audience. For instance, instead of tech-savvy

  customers, we look at the early adopters of technology who are managing a large team in MNCs

  • Establishing a brand mission statement
  • Outlining your brand’s qualities and benefits that belong only to you
  • Forming a unique brand voice. For example, you could be friendly, technical,

    authoritative, informative, conversational, etc.

  • Building your brand story and key messaging
  • Designing the colour palette, templates and brand guidelines
  • Being your brand’s biggest advocate and ambassador

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At Design Quarry, our team constantly asks the 3 questions in the Golden Circle:


  1. What are the products and services you are selling
  2. How will they differentiate you from the competition
  3. Why do you exist – the passion that inspires you to work every day


And yes, we do design a logo and a tagline, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! For an end-to-end brand strategy that will make you a likeable and lovable brand in the market, contact us today!

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