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How To Break Up With My Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Press Release: June 26, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, breakups do not happen just because you stop loving someone or because you have cheated on your other half. To break up with someone you love is never going to be easy; however, sometimes such a decision is needed to be made.

If you are here, you definitely have experienced how a commitment feels like. How it can be all consuming and at the same time, make sure that you get to be who you are in front of someone without the fear of judgment. Well, that is what we call Love.

You may have read millions of stories where two people who dated for 9 years did not end up together and two people who knew each other for 2 years got married and now have 2 children and are out there living in the suburbs.

Therefore, one should always know that no one can place a pin as to how long a relationship can work or will work. Every relationship requires hard work, no doubt. However, sometimes this hard work is just not enough, and you will one day have to make a decision as to whether you and your other half should stay together or not.

Reasons For Relationship Break-Ups

There are many reasons for relationship breakups. In the section above, we have mentioned how falling out of love or cheating are not the only reasons that a couple breaks up. Sometimes, it becomes amply clear from the actions and feelings that maybe their time together is limited. Mentioned below are a few reasons for Relationship breakups that you may actually feel while considering a breakup.

Both of you are growing apart: When you started dating you both had the same interests, same futuristic outlooks, but it is not the same anymore and both of you do not want to compromise on this behalf is a good enough reason to break up.

Your personalities clash: When a relationship is new, everything about the other person is exciting. However, once a bit of time has passed, just because your personalities clash you will end up not liking the same things that a few months ago you would enjoy. This could also be a reason for a breakup.

Your values do not match: Many believe that values can be overlooked in a relationship. But in case of extremities, this might be the exact reason that you end up wanting to break up.
You have different ideas as to what you want to do in life: If both of you have aims and ambitions that would mean literally no time together. This is usually the case when both your career ambitions are such that you never even get to see each other.

The fights have become more frequent: Every small thing is an issue now. You cannot help but pick up fights with each other. You know these fights are due to underlying issues rather than the actual thing you are fighting on.

Gut feeling: Always listen to your gut, especially in the matter of feelings. The phrase has been coined so that you are able to make decisions which you can feel but are not ready to accept.

Easy Ways Of Break Up With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

According to Qreous, there is no easy way to break up. However, one can always make sure that the other is able to understand and cope with such news with much more ease than one would normally expect. Some of the tips for easy breakups are-

Let them know that you want to have a serious conversation: the Worse thing you could do while wanting to break up is to spring it on the other person out of nowhere. Always make sure that the person anticipates a serious conversation before you actually start on this topic.

Be certain as to why you want to break up: Don’t give the other person vague reasons for wanting to break up. Identify what the actual issue is, ensure that a break up is the best option, and be certain while explaining the exact reasons for your decision.

Give the other a chance to talk without defending yourself: The other person is bound to have views on the same situation, which are in contrast to yours. Therefore, make sure that you let the person talk without defending yourself.

Break up in person and not in public: Many people have a habit of breaking up over the phone on a call or via a text message. It is very demeaning to the other person. Make sure to do it in person and also in a place where public opinion does not have a role.

Do not give the other false hope: Sometimes, we are ourselves doubtful as to whether the break up is the correct thing to do or not. However, leaving a relationship open-ended is not the answer to that.

Make them understand how you cannot be their support system anymore: Love has a lot to do with support, if you continue being each other pillars, the closure will be even more difficult, and this is something both of you will need to understand.


Breakups are sometimes inevitable, and it is actually a good thing that you realize that your relationship cannot work out anymore and that you are looking to break up. Some people drag out relationships that are not meant to be and end up in worse situations. You should actually be proud of yourself that you were able to identify a problem and that you are strong to let a person you love go because you knew that this could not work in the long term.

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