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How To Become A Police Officer With the Police Careers Kit police course

Press Release: April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010 Kent, UK Police Recruitment UK The Police Careers Kit is the ultimate police course recruitment package for anyone who is serious about joining the UK police force for the first time.

Police careers were highly sought after and the competition for police jobs continues to grow especially with the current global and UK recession. The Police Careers Kit was created to cover every part of the selection process and provided the candidate with insider knowledge to help them and significantly increased their chances of success.

Police jobs is a top line job and a career in the police appealed to a broad spectrum of candidates from those just leaving school, to those who had just finished university and for those looking for a career change, a new challenge or just a secure job.

The ultimate Police Careers Kit includes:

1. Become a Police Officer Insider CD-ROM
This CD Rom is the most comprehensive guide available. Full of insider tips and advice, it will guide you through the Police recruitment selection.

2. The Police Application Form Insiders DVD
The Application Form is the initial stage of the Police course selection process and over 75% of application forms submitted do not make it past this stage. This comprehensive 'Insiders' DVD will provide you with essential advice and tips on how to complete your application form correctly and explain the pitfalls to avoid.

3. How to pass the Police course Interview DVD
This DVD will show you how to structure your responses in order to increase your chances of success, from actual questions through sample responses.

4. Passing the Police Course Officer Role Play DVD
This DVD will guide you through the assessment process in detail and provide you with lots of essential insider tips and advice.

5. Police Officer Written Tests DVD
In applying to join the UK Police Force you will have to take the compulsory National Police Selection Process. This DVD will help you to gain the skills needed to perform to the best of your ability under test conditions. Includes loads of sample tests and insider tips on how to pass the written tests.

Visit http://www.police-recruitment.co.uk/ for more information

About Police Recruitment UK

Police Recruitment UK is created to help those who want to become a police officer with insider recruitment products to help you pass the police course process by ensuring you are fully prepared for every aspect of the recruitment process. The recruitment products have been created by those who have passed both the police recruitment process and the PCSO recruitment process to ensure you receive the highest level of insider information.

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