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How small businesses can embrace Industry 4.0 with Martins Rubber

Press Release: December 17, 2018

Industry 4.0 is the fourth era of technology. This latest revolutionary change in computing and automation is resulting in an increase of remotely connected robotics and computer systems learning machine algorithms and controlling industries with minimal human interaction. The cloud and cyber-physical systems have contributed to the creation of “smart factories”.

The technology demands placed on SME manufacturers has led Martins Rubber to implement changes to industrial processes and strategies that will benefit customers and their products.

There are many interpretations of the Industry 4.0 definition. If you hear Artificial Intelligence, automated robots and machine-to-machine learning and think of far-future sci-fi scenes, then you aren’t alone. The advances in modern day technology are progressing at a rate never seen before, and it is important to embrace, or, at the very least, acknowledge, that the standards of production processes are being raised.

Some smaller manufacturers do not see technology advancements as a priority or do not have the time and resources to invest in such digitisation. Certainly, many are reluctant to commit their budget to technology that they cannot see an immediate return from or do not have the skill sets within their staff to implement such technologies. Workers may become concerned about job losses and so the management of any implementation has to be carefully approached.

In order for all manufacturers, including SMEs, to compete at either a global or local level, however, technological advances will have to be embraced in order to enable more efficient, responsive and accurate production and greater control over operations. Efficiencies will ensure the long-term survival of a business and those stood still for too long, will be overtaken by those businesses who have committed to the change and evolved to the next level.

Industry 4.0 is a complex topic with a number of areas of technological development in an increasingly connected world – with a whole range of implications for SMEs. Like many contemporaries, Martins Rubber is addressing the world of Industry 4.0 in order to secure the future.

Martin’s Rubber has implemented Industry 4.0 technologies into business practices by implementing ERP, MRP, SFDC and CRM software to support our manufacturing processes. Many of shop floor workers have minimal software experience, so the decision was to opt for user-friendly

The changes made have been received more positively than any other software that has been previously implemented, as workers have noticed the benefits immediately. As a result, Martins Rubber is more in control of their business than they have ever been. With live business intelligence at their fingertips and the facilities to service their customers better than ever before.

Brand information:

Martins Rubber has been an established manufacturer since 1865. Based in Southampton UK, they specialise in manufacturing rubber and engineered elastomeric products such as rubber mouldings and bonding’s, CNC machined engineering plastics, gaskets, hydraulic and pneumatic seals and seal kits to name but a few.

They deal with a number of industries such as Autosport, aerospace and defence as well as traditional engineering and manufacturing clientele. The common theme of Martins Rubber service is to bring small to medium volume specialist supply, novel solutions to engineering challenges. They also specialise in high levels of technical backup and service such as NFA Finite Element Analysis of designs in rubber.


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