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How Research Paper Publication in India Increase Citation of Scholars

Press Release: December 14, 2020

How Research Paper Publication in India Increase Citation of Scholars

Scholars who are looking for the high citation count in Google Scholars h-index can approach to research paper publication India journal. We brief the reach of article writing style with publication tricks to increase the count of referencing. The article belongs to the researcher of Science and Engineering field only, as writing tricks are as per requirement matching the field of technology.

  1. Paper should have a good and unique title.
  2. The abstract part of the paper was also so summarized that all of the information present in the paper reflect your complete information.
  3. Selection of keywords, index terms are filter from the paper content as this increases the searching capability of the work.
  4. Introduction section of the paper should be linked to further content of paper as most of the time scholars’ content s are not matching the paper theme and the reader leave paper.
  5. The survey part of the paper which describes the paper content should be relevant to the paper title, problem, solutions, techniques, features, etc.
  6. Some time paper citation depends on survey content as good content was easily referred by others for increasing the base of the paper.
  7. Further if the paper is research then include the working block diagram as this increases the understanding of the reader visually and attract paper.

All the above points help the author to attract the reader and increase the citation count of paper as per requirement.

Scholars who are looking for publication in the field of science, engineering can directly e Summit their research article on any of international journal around the word. But the researcher who wants research paper publication India journal should have following benefits:

  1. Indian Journals respond quickly
  2. Communication time of paper publication is comparatively low
  3. Publication cost of journal for paid journal is also very less.
  4. People who new or budding scholars can start their research carrier from Indian journals.
  5. Each published article author get digital certificates at no cost.
  6. Paper get publish for lifetime
  7. Article published for free access, this increase the reach of the article as many people are looking for the article and reuse its article. This increases the citation of the work as well.
  8. Scholars who have survey, review article to publish paper can submit in Indian publication journals.


All the above points are valid for people who need a publication to enhance their academic carrier with worldwide reach to some of the community of researchers. I suggest people to write good article as per your topic with relevant information and no unnecessary words or points to increase paper length.




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