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How One Store is Getting the Message Backward

Press Release: January 26, 2016

Nijahwhan, an online store just launched their line of Uriah T-shirts. They are custom screen printed shirts where you come up with the message, but the message is printed backwards, and the message can only be read when standing in front of a mirror. The Shirts are 90% ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester. Giving the customer a soft feel after every wash.

Uriah shirts are meant to inspire the creative thinkers, risk takers, the misfits and those who dare to go out on their own and see things differently. “We wanted to inspire people to take their message with them,” said Jical Jial, Nijahwhan Creative Stager. “We’re all on our own journey, and life sometimes get in the way. We wanted to create something for people to take with them and to be reminded of their own message.”

Mosotomoss who owns Nijahwhan, started to stumble after the economy went down back in 2011. The Mosotomoss team needed to figure out what would be the next direction to take the company in, considering they lost half of their clients because of the recession. Jical had always wanted to do a store for Mosotomoss, but didn’t know what the store should be about. With a background in fashion design and graphic & web design, he felt he had enough know-how to build a store. He kept hearing a lot about Shopify and started following them on YouTube and Facebook. After laying off workers, he knew he had no choice but to do an online store or Mosotomoss would sink. He took the remaining team and put all of his efforts in to building out a store. He took advantage of Shopify 14 day trial, and set a goal in getting the store up and running in 14 days, working late nights and weekends when the team wasn’t there. “I was determine to make this happen, Jical said. I was scared at first but I kept my eyes on a bigger prize.”

The Nijahwhan name, he said came to him in a dream. But when asked what does it mean, he wouldn't say, but did say, “I’m not ready to reveal that just yet.” Jical said the real task was coming up with an idea for the store. He felt he needed a story and he needed to know who he was marketing all of this for. So the story was very important.

The crazy ones Nijahwhan talks about in their about us page is a reference from Apple’s 1997 Think Different ad. Marc Moss, then CEO of Mosotomoss said, “Jical have always loved Apple, and I know that he has referenced the words from that commercial when he gave keynote speeches for Mosotomoss, he used that commercial as inspiration to build Nijahwhan.”

Jical took inspiration from Ralph Lauren where he built his Polo empire with just one tie. The team started out with just one shirt, the Uriah shirt and then will branch out in to other areas. Jical keeps a journal of where he aims to take the store. All screen printing is done in-house so everything is controlled and to Jical’s liking.

Although the store is focused on the creative thinkers, and risk takers. It's for anyone who’s looking to stand out and be inspired along their journey. Uriah has been a hit with parents, something Jical didn’t take in to consideration when he was mapping out the store story. “When we launched I had no idea parents would be a market for us, but they have and most of our reorders have come from them,” Jical said.

It’s a small company, but they hope to make a powerful punch in reaching an audience thats looking to be inspired and wants to take their message with them.

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