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How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned

Press Release: November 11, 2020

Windows. Because they seem like they're too mundane, they're often taken for granted. And keeping them clean is frequently not on everyone’s list of priorities. But as what window cleaning Ashford experts have always emphasised, maintaining them actually offers some benefits -- from protecting your indoor air quality to improving the energy efficiency of your property.

With that, there's no doubt about the importance of caring about the cleanliness of your windows. However, the question that you should be focusing on is -- how often should you have your windows cleaned.

Residential Windows

Compared with commercial ones, windows found in homes need less frequent cleaning.

Experts agree that booking a Window cleaning service Ashford twice a year will already be adequate to keep your windows pristine. If you're living in an area where the weather is generally nice, you can have the interior of your windows cleaned once a year; the exterior, twice.

Spring is considered the best time to clean your home’s windows. During this season, professional cleaners will be able to remove both the debris brought by winter and autumn.

Commercial Windows

The frequency of window cleaning service Ashford for the commercial sector depends on the type of property involved. If it's a retail shop or a food business where traffic can be really high and the windows are exposed to different elements, professional cleaning should be done once a month. However, if it's a larger commercial building, window cleaning can be done twice a year.

The location also matters. For instance, if the property is located near a factory or a facility that emits air pollutants, you should consider cleaning the affected windows more frequently. The same goes when the city where your business is, has a higher-than-average amount of rainfall. You have to be keener about having a clean window because it can enhance the curb appeal of your property and help leave a great impression on prospective customers and even partners.

Additionally, it will be more cost-effective for your business because you're preventing having costly structural damage.

Factors to Consider

To further help you determine how frequently you should be cleaning your windows, you should be aware of other important factors.

For instance, if your household has kids or pets, you might need to clean the interior of your windows more frequently than usual.

If you have window screens, the buildup of dirt and grime will also tend to be faster. Hence, it requires more effort for cleaning as well.

Lastly, it can all boil down to your budget and preference. If you're conscious about having a consistently clean window -- and you have the financial resources to do so -- then, you're free to have your windows cleaned whenever you feel like it.

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