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How not to get penalized by Google?

Press Release: March 31, 2010

London, March 25, 2010: Most of the clients at SEOGuru.co.uk are overly concerned about how Google penalizes websites and why? Its very important to know why Google bans websites so that you dont repeat the same mistakes and if you have some doubts over the tips provides in the next some paragraphs, dont take our word for it taste out all the theories and tips on your own website (at your own risk).

According to a SEOGuru.co.uk official, the objective of this paragraph is not to screw things up and get the reputation of your website damaged if the Google ends up banning it. So lets start by finding out how to know whether your website has been banned by Google or not. Start by downloading the toolbar from Google which displays the page rank of any website also. For example, if you are visiting your own website through the browser and the toolbar shows a grey bar instead of page rank, you can be sure your website has been banned by Google as per SEO UK.

The SEOGuru.co.uk, a leading SEO company UK official further says, prevention is better than cure, the same applies equally well to the traffic health of your website as well. Stay away from the following elements on your web page and you can almost certainly guarantee to yourself that your website will never be banned by Google.

Another activity viewed as negative by Google search engineers, is alt tag spamming. If you use the same alt tag excessively, it is most likely that the search engine will ban your websites.

If your repeat the same mistakes in the title tags as well, it also considered wrong and thats the reason why many such websites indulging in this activity are not on the top search engine results pages any more. The bottom line is your website will remain in good health if you dont stuff your website excessively with keywords.

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