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How much injury compensation will I get?

Press Release: January 05, 2010

The first step in any claim for personal injury compensation is to contact a firm of solicitors for an assessment of your claim. At 100% Compensation, our solicitors will get your details either over the phone or from an online form and provide free, prompt advice in plain English.

Once theyve decided that there is a high probability that you will win, there is only one question: How much injury compensation will I get?

Over to the medical experts...

You may have already seen a doctor about your injury. Perhaps an ambulance attended the scene of the accident, or you went to see your General Practitioner if your injury was still causing you pain after the event.

If you give details of these medical visits to your solicitors, they can be used as evidence. However, sometimes it may be necessary to seek further professional advice about the extent of your suffering. At 100% Compensation, we arrange consultations where necessary at a location near you, completely free of charge.

A doctor will examine you to determine how much your injury has affected you, and the way you live your life. It is important at such appointment to be as thorough as possible about your symptoms. Has the injury stopped you from enjoying your favourite sports? Has your personal life been affected? What about your earning capacity?

Make a claim as soon as possible

Although the law allows a fairly long period of time for you to make your claim (often as long as three years, but check with your adviser for your particular circumstances); research has shown that the sooner after the accident you claim, the more accident compensation you are likely to receive. This is because medical experts can specify more clearly how much they think your injuries were caused by the accident, and how much your life will be affected by it.

Making the claim

Once the evidence has been collected, your team will make the claim for injury compensation. There are two categories of damages that may be included general and special compensation. General compensation relates directly to the pain and suffering you have endured, and how it has stopped you from working or playing your favourite sports. Special compensation, on the other hand, relates to out of pocket expenses that you have incurred. An example of this could be car hire following a road traffic accident.


Often the person who was responsible for the accident has insurance. In this case their insurance company will deal with the claim on their behalf. Most of the time, where person you are claiming accident compensation from is clearly at fault the insurance company can admit liability and make an offer for settlement. Your lawyers can advise you whether the amount offered is a reasonable one or not.

What about fees?

At 100% Compensation you get to keep all of the injury compensation that has been awarded to you. When we submit your claim, we also ask for the person responsible for the accident to cover the cost of our fees as a separate amount, so there are no deductions made from the amount of compensation you receive.

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