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How Much Does Vehicle Wrapping Cost?

Press Release: April 11, 2017

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3 sixty wraps have taken an initiative to spread awareness regarding the cost of vehicle wrapping and have therefore enlisted the various factors that contribute to the cost of vehicle wrapping.
3 sixty wraps realised that the lack of information surrounding the cost of vehicle wrapping often prevents enthusiasts from getting this job done. In a bid to address this issue 3 sixty wraps has provided detailed information on this topic to encourage the culture of vehicle wrapping as it not only provides an opportunity to commercial companies to market themselves in a fashionable way, but also adds to the style quotient of personal vehicles.
According to 3 sixty wraps, a typical full wrap can cost somewhere between £900 and £2500 but the final cost depends on many factors such as the current condition of the vehicle, size of the car, complexity of the areas to be wrapped, materials used during the job and the quality of the covering film.
“A vehicle which is well-maintained, free from dirt, abrasions and dents does not require us to clean the surface and smooth out the irregularities and this can reduce the overall cost of vehicle wrapping” said a vehicle wrapping expert at 3 Sixty Wraps. They also said that the cost increases for vehicles which are big in size, have more complicated areas such as spoilers, skirt, bumpers etc.
According to the CEO of 3 Sixty Wraps, “Few customers insist on using inferior quality vinyl wraps and materials to reduce costs but we always advise them against it as a vinyl wrap lasts for at least 3-4 years and any compromise can result in a lot of dissatisfaction later. Hence even though the costs do increase by a small margin one should always try to get the best quality film and materials in order to give your car a classy elegant look.”
3 Sixty Wraps has been a leader in the vehicle wrapping industry and its clientele includes big names such as Red Bull, Carlsberg, Google and many others. Along with vehicle wrapping 3 Sixty Wraps also provides other services such as mobile unit wrapping, motorsport graphics, retail graphics and wall wraps, installation of Paint Protection Film (PPF).
For more information on the services provided by 3 Sixty Wraps visit their website http://www.3sixtywraps.uk

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