Press Release: August 09, 2019

A new British-based fitness product is helping regular fitness enthusiasts recover like the sporting professionals they aspire to emulate.
At the forefront of cutting-edge fitness vibration technology, RECOVAPRO assists highly active people recover from strenuous exercise quicker, faster and more effectively.
Until the arrival of RECOVAPRO, hyper-fast exercise recovery has been the domain of elite sports people, creating an insurmountable gap between novices and professionals.
But with as little as thirty seconds of application to any one sore muscle group, RECOVAPRO reduces pain and increases users’ range of motion, allowing fitness fanatics to return to exercise fully recuperated and without significant hindrance.
RECOVAPRO’s representative Andrew Jackson said, “RECOVAPRO is expertly designed to dramatically improve the annoying but inevitable aches and pains that result from vigorous workouts. We firmly believe that RECOVAPRO is the world’s most advanced post-exercise massage solution.”
Jackson continued, “As more and more people become serious about pushing themselves to their fitness limits, it’s vitally important that they know how to recover like a pro. And all it takes is less than a minute of using RECOVAPRO to notably improve fundamental areas of exercise recovery, like improving circulation, flexibility and muscle strength.”
Despite being powerful, RECOVAPRO is super quiet, making it ideal for use at home, the gym or even at the office work.
Jackson said, “RECOVAPRO is a next-generation full body massaging device that uses percussive vibration to improve the body's overall performance. We have manufactured RECOVAPRO using industry-leading components, providing the perfect amount of vibration and power. We assert that RECOVAPRO all but renders stiff muscles a thing of the past.”
RECOVAPRO has worked closely with mechanical, industrial, and sound engineers to design and bring to the mainstream fitness market a high-precision device built for maximum efficacy and reliability.
Each RECOVAPRO device incorporates state-of-the-art sound insulation techniques to provide an 80% quieter experience from all other models in the market, without compromising on strict performance requirements.
RECOVAPRO is perfectly weighted and ergonomically sound, and is expressly designed to maximise ease, comfort and usability, with zero stress or pressure on forearms, hands and wrists - whether treated on yourself or others.
Is almost silent
Offers 5 speed choices
Can be auto-timed
Has a long-life battery
Features food grade safe material
RECOVAPRO includes a powerful brushless motor which makes it suitable for users of all fitness levels, and is the only percussion device to utilise Smart Touch Technology, allowing the unit to be switched off by merely holding down the speed button for two seconds.
With energy conservation and safety in mind, RECOVAPRO has a built-in protection feature which automatically powers down the device when its running time exceeds 10 minutes.
While RECOVAPRO has already proven to be very popular with gym-goers and fitness fans, its solution has achieved traction with an unexpected market segment.
On that point, Jackson said, “RECOVAPRO has begun to grow a committed customer base of office workers, who love the relief that RECOVAPRO brings to their neck and back, which come under daily stress via extended periods of badly-postured computer work. In fact, most people don’t know that even looking down at your phone puts over 20kg of pressure on your neck! So not only does RECOVAPRO help people recover from extended periods of intense workouts, but periods of intense work itself.”

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