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How do you personally deal with losing a £320m empire?

Press Release: February 16, 2010

Gregs rise and fall was legendary losing a vast fortune, friends and family. He was big figure in the press a little over two years ago until he was hit by the infamous recession. (gregoryheywood.net)

Greg is now on a new path starting his journey with his book iReckon published by kmvf media. (kmvfmedia.com)The book in insightful, enlightening and full of new conceptual ideas. It's a compelling read set in the midst of the credit crunch and the worlds financial institutions under threat.

To rivals one who orchestrated many of the events, to achieve his goals and his adversary, who has been ruined by the credit crunch, seeks to re-establish himself with a vision. The world will become a better place. Those who are damaged can be repaired. (ireckonbook.co.uk)

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