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How do I get the skill to achieve goals? - the launch of the new 24Goals mobile app has

Press Release: December 10, 2020

Competent and effective planning is the basis for achieving goals. Planning tools help you separate the important from the secondary, set priorities, allocate resources, and calculate time. It inevitably follows us in almost all areas of life, even when we are not aware of it.


Modern gadgets allow us to implement many useful applications in our lives. Among them, there are applications that allow you to set goals, plan and account for their implementation every day.


In this article, we will review one of them – 24Goals app.


This app allows you to acquire a unique skill for achieving goals. 24Goals is not only a pocket assistant, but also a resource for acquiring a very valuable skill - self-discipline.


"There are many different areas in our life. Each of them must be balanced. The app allows you to find a "middle ground" between the unrestrained desire to move forward and relax, as well as between family, work, the desire to improve your life and find a hobby," says Yerkezhan Zholdassova, the app's founder and project manager.


Effective app features:


  • Observer mode - allows you to create shared goals with a group or friend to control and achieve them together.
  • Planning. Thanks to the practical interface, the app itself will calculate the number of hours of work done, clearly showing the numbers and the remaining days until the end of the month.
  • The emotions of the day are a tool for improving your mental state. Every day, write down your most brilliant ideas and insights in the section with emotions.
  • Visualization Board - captures your goals with pictures, using visual memory as an additional resource that speeds up the process of achieving the goal.


The app also has a Premium version that helps you increase your efficiency 7 times faster:


  • increase added goals - up to 30 per day
  • The "observer" with the continued support of
  • Tips for designing a visualization Board as a PDF file
  • Checklist for effective thinking
  • The most motivating PUSH notifications

The App always remembers you and will periodically remind you that the goal is close, you can!

Remember that there are many different areas in our life. Each of them must be in balance. According to statistics, choosing 3 main areas every month, you do not lose yourself in a complex process and increase your efficiency.

Ideally, planning, time management is the art of living apart from work, the art of setting aside minutes for yourself, for a Cup of coffee, for a call to a friend in a world of constant pressure and haste.

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