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How do I benefit from a commercial property epc?

Press Release: December 14, 2009

Did you know that commercial property accounts for almost 20% of the carbon emissions and energy consumption in the UK and it was for that reason that the government decided to act and introduce non domestic energy performance certificates as part of an EU Directive.

Here at CEAUK we are continually asked by landlords and agents if they need energy performance certificates and what is their benefit.

The simple answer to the first part of this question is a definate Yes, if you have a commercial property for sale or lease then you will need an energy performance certificate, there are exceptions, for example a stand alone building of less than 50m2 will not require an epc and there are others, if you are unsure you can telephone and ask which buildings are exempt.

The second part of the question relating to the benefit of an epc is relatively easy to answer but in these difficult times is one that landlords and property owners find hard to come to terms with as it just seems as though it is adding to their costs. The energy performance certificate once produced will provide the owner and potential purchaser with a simple colour bar chart indicating how energy efficient the property is. More importantly each energy performance certificate comes with a Recommendations Report and this is the bit that can help landlords and property owners. In fact if you are presented with an energy performance certificate without a Recommendations Report then you should query its validity.

To ascertain why the Recommendations Report is valuable you have to consider the effort that the surveyor has to undertake to assess the building. It is not merely looking at the heating and lighting of the building to establish a value but the experienced assessor also has to research the building fabric itself and what improvements have been made, the assessor will need to know what happens in every part of the building as the activity has an impact on the energy consumption. It is a combination of all these factors that determine how energy efficient a building is. The danger is that by using an inexperienced, unqualified or under qualified assessor then the assessment is simply a waste of money.

The Recommendations Report will list ways that the energy performance of a building can be enhanced thus reducing on-going energy costs, making the building more attractive to potential investors, tenants and purchasers. It is truly amazing how little sometimes needs to be spent to improve the energy efficiency of a building and something as cost effective as replacing standard fluorescent tubes with more energy efficient lighting can result in some considerable savings on the running costs of a building. In certain instances we have discussed improvements with property owners prior to completing the survey to advise how they could improve the rating on the property and we find that as the Commercial EPC is valid for ten years (there are, as usual, exceptions) then this aspect is greatly appreciated by our clients.

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