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How Digital Landscape is Transforming Healthcare and Pharma

Press Release: July 16, 2020

The whole world is shifting to digital and there’s hardly any industry left that has not been influenced by the digital medium. The same is true for the Healthcare and Pharma industry as well.

According to a recent survey, 50% of surveyed individuals use a digital app regularly or occasionally to track their own health and their diagnosed condition. People are gaining more and more access to their treatment plans and say that companies are now being more transparent in their offerings. These are just a few of the several major shifts happening worldwide.

Now look at the ways digital is transforming the Healthcare and Pharma industry:

  1. Transparent data points: With the advent of digital platforms that give information regarding medicinal products and their role in the treatment program, people now have access to data that they earlier didn’t have.

    Several apps in the market now provide actionable insights regarding how medical therapy or drug works. With the availability of such information, the efficacy of the treatment programs can now be openly discussed and analyzed.


  1. Improved efficiency: AI has been influencing the world and so is the case in the healthcare and pharma industry. AI combined with deep learning help in analyzing the huge amounts of data to spot trends.

    It also helps in identifying a disease or ailment much quicker than it would have taken otherwise. It has considerably improved the strategies the healthcare professionals use while handling a case.


  1. Enhanced Drug Development: With real-time availability of information on clinical trial research and studies due to digital advancement, the efficiency and speed of drug discovery and development have improved significantly for good. This helps in making swift changes to reduce the possibility of side effects or the failure of clinical trials.


  1. Non-stop virtual care: One of the biggest changes that happened due to digital technology is the possibility of monitoring a patient 24×7 without being physically present. Pharma companies and healthcare professionals can track the vital points remotely and guide them from distance apart. Such technologies ensure better personalization in providing care to patients and help build stronger relationships in between.


  1. Patients can now play an active role in their own treatment plans: As patients now have access to adequate information to get a deeper understanding of different treatment plans, they can have a major say in their own treatment.


Digital platforms are now assisting patients to get better care. Many pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of this digital shift and have found new ways to communicate with patients as well as share information with them regarding their research.

Many contract research organizations now rely on digital tools and advanced technology to bring out accurate results in their drug discovery and development efforts.

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The above-discussed trends tell us how modern healthcare and pharma industry is seeing a significant shift due to the advent of digital technology. The rise in the digital landscape in the biopharma industry has allowed them to significantly transform their capabilities and strengthen their processes.

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