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How did COVID change our approach to travel?

Press Release: August 08, 2020

In a nuthshell

After weeks of lock-down, and social distancing, we are longing for some normality and vacations.

The Boutique Vibe asked to more than 400 persons across 52 countries about their travel intentions for the coming months. 

The survey shows that despite the confusion and uncertainty, most people are longing for their next trip. COVID will shape the choice of destination, as the trip will be decided following safety and health measures as well as local regulations.


Strong willingness to travel despite the uncertainty

At this time, travel restrictions and border closures are constantly changing. Travelling in COVID era is associated to confusion and complexity. That’s what 53% the Boutique Vibe’s travellers confirm. Despite the confusion and uncertainty, the willingness to travel is as strong as ever.


32% of the travellers are willing to travel more to experience the world – opening up a big opportunity for destinations and hoteliers to better market their unique value proposition and move away from the “standardised” solutions.
While a lot of discussion evolve around COVID-19 testing and antibodies testing – the report shows that merely ¼ of the travellers are willing to wait for antibodies testing before they travel, while less than 1/3 is willing to wait for vaccines to become commercially available before they embark on.

As a result, only a small percentage (14%) would consider any travel plan before at least 6 months after the restrictions are lifted, while the majority would resume their travel plans within 3 months, mainly to reconnect with family and friends (49%) and for vacation (34%). 

With the risk of disruption during travel, single travellers are willing to travel sooner while families prefer to wait longer to ensure the situations are stable.

Where to travel ? Safety first !

The pandemic has clearly influenced the way we would select our next travel destination.
Offering and destination’s attractions come only as the third criteria of choice, while safety and security of the destination is by far the main driver followed by the rules and regulations put in place.

Travellers are disregarding city breaks are and seeking connection with nature

After long stay-home mandates and social distancing measures, people would look to open air destinations and connection with nature. Having said that, seasonality plays also a big role in the expressed preference. For their next trip, travellers dream of refreshing sea breeze (69%), greenery of the countryside (46%) and mountain’s fresh air (43%), while urban trips are totally disregarded by 67% of the respondents.

About this survey

More than 400 travellers from 52 countries, replied about their travel perspectives in a “post-COVID” world.

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