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How can you decorate your small space with cluster lighting?

Press Release: September 23, 2020

Living as a bachelorette? No space for traditional trees? Don’t worry we have shared some amazing tricks and tips that can enliven the Christmas cheers.

Christmas is a season of love, fun, and lights and it may be pricky if you are spending festive season away from your home, family, and friends. If you are one of those who do not want to miss fun and decorations and are confused about how to decorate your small space. Then here are some tips that can help you to accentuate your place with Christmas lighting:-

Transform a mantelpiece or side table

You can decorate your mantelpiece or side table in an effective manner by adding cluster lighting without cluttering your small space. You can layer it among your decorations by adding textures to your table or mantel. You can also hang some stocking and finish your decors with a few statement showpieces. 

Transform your front door

Decorating your front door can provide you with a Christmassy vibe. For this, you can use wreaths wrapped around with cluster lighting. This will transform your doorway in no meantime. To be more on the creative side you can add pine cones, ribbons, and balls on your wreath.  So, what are you waiting for, bring in the Christmas spirit!!

Experiment with small cluster pieces of Christmas

Have you ever tried implementing small cluster pieces for the festive season? If not, try it this season. Small Christmas pieces can enchant your home with festive spirit. Go for a mini tree, say like 3 feet tall, embellish it with sparkles, glittery ornaments and position it with some interesting Christmas pieces. You can finish the look by adding tea light or LED candles. You are all set for Christmas!!

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Wrapping it up!!

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