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How Can I Choose the Best London Language School?

Press Release: April 13, 2016

English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is certainly considered the most important. Many non English speaking individuals from across the world who want to build successful careers understand that they can get ahead if they speak English. More and more people want English as a second language for this reason and many who do choose to study English in London for the simple fact that there are a lot of language schools ideally located in the English capital.

Studying English in London can be rewarding and fun because there are so many options available to international students and interns. You’ll be able to choose from a vast array of colleges, language centres and schools, and they’ll be centrally located. You’ll also be able to enjoy London and everything that it has to offer. You can visit the attractions, eat in fantastic restaurants, and drink in the hottest bars in town.

To give you a helping hand, below is a list of things to look for when choosing your preferred language school. Because there are so many, you can be a little picky. Make the right choice and studying English in London will be a joy.

1) Ensuring that the Language School is accredited and offering high quality courses

Make sure that the school you want to use is accredited by the relevant education bodies such as Quality English and IALC. Check to see if they have been inspected by the British Council and Independent Schools Inspectorate. If they have, check to see how they have been graded. It is worthwhile contacting the school you want to use and asking them questions about the teachers they use. It’s important that they use fully qualified English language teachers. If you are going to be studying English in London, you want to make sure you’re on the best possible course. You want to go home knowing you have improved your language skills.

2) Making sure that the school is ideally located and near to your accommodation

You can easily study English in London while remaining close to your accommodation. You don’t want to be commuting too far as it’s an unnecessary hassle. If you’re planning on using student accommodation during your stay, you’ll more than likely be located in and around Central London. This is perfect as you’ll be near to everything that is important. It also means you’ll have access to the better quality schools. Beware of language schools that tell you they’re ideally located and near to your accommodation when in fact they are a long commute away. They may tell you that they’re only a few miles away from your residence, but they won’t tell you that trying to travel those miles during rush hour can be a real problem. You may not be able to use public transport because of overcrowding and you’ll find yourself late for your English lessons. You really should be looking for a school that is within minutes of your accommodation. This is definitely possible so don’t be swayed by people who are going for the hard sell. Studying English in London will be enjoyable and rewarding if you pick the right school and accommodation.

3) What can I expect to pay to study English in London?

Obviously you will have to pay for your travel and accommodation expenses, which can be kept quite low if you use a little bit of intelligence. You can search for the best value flights and you can keep your accommodation costs down if you’re clever enough. The costs, however, can quickly mount up if you have accommodation that is lacking in facilities and too far from your language school. You’ll end up paying too much money for your travelling expenses and you could quickly rack up a large food bill. The three things that will cost you the most will be your flights, accommodation and course fees. It would be foolish to look for the cheapest language course as you often get what you pay for. At the same time, it’s not wise to pick the most expensive because you could end up getting ripped off. Look for the right course in the right location and only pay for an English language course that is both high in quality and good value. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a cheap course because you need to save money. You can always save money in other areas. Remember that the English course is the most important element and the reason why you’re travelling to London in the first place. Studying English in London could be a life changing experience and there is no reason for you to get yourself into financial trouble.

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