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How Buzzbundle helped icureny.com reach 1 million visitors

Press Release: May 19, 2015

When it comes to promoting a website, the Internet has a vast number of tools to help you do that. You can choose from a wide array of methods, which will yield varying results that depend on so many things. Some of the huge troubles people face in the process itself are related to the final results they will acquire: whether people will be interested in the site, whether it will be one of the top searches in Google, if the advertisement on other websites is catchy enough, etc. As we said, your results will vary, so this is why many people are looking for more solid ways to increase the traffic of their websites. This is where BuzzBundle comes in. It is a desktop tool that guarantees you an increased traffic through your website. The testament for BuzzBundle's efficiency is the fact it increased icureny.com's traffic greatly. But how exactly did they do it, and what methods did they actually applied for that purpose?

The answer is a bit more complex than you probably think, but we are going to attempt to present it it in much simpler terms. At its core, BuzzBundle is a tool that allows you to communicate and interact with your target audience in various social media websites. Not only that, but it allows you to do all of these things at once. It does not require you to log in a dozen accounts and individually type in messages, replies, news, and so on and so forth. Instead, it serves as a very handy, tidy hub from which you can control all your social media accounts at once. If you don’t have such it will also create some for you! This all sounds rather complicated, we know, but when you get down to it, you will see for yourself that it really isn’t that hard. The tool is done in a very clean, self-explanatory way, so using it is very easy. It allows you to choose and pick the keywords or mentions you wish to monitor, and then allows you to reply to any posts or messages your target audience has left for you.

Not only does it combine all your social media websites into one, and allows you to control them from there, but it also allows you to actually search for people who are interested in what you have to offer, while also allowing you to contact them and reply to any questions they may have. Setting up templates for such answers is always a good idea, but don’t rely on them for everything: always add a personal touch to your replies, so that to make people feel like they are talking to a person, rather than to a machine.

Another important thing to remember when using BuzzBundle is that you must be ready to share your information, data, or content with people who seek to obtain it. Don’t be shy, don’t be stingy. This is how you build a great community around your website and work, and this is how you get that desire traffic.

Finally, you must be persistent. The tool won’t do the work for you, so you must be diligent and turn this into a habit. The more effort you put into it, the better the results you will achieve in the very end.

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