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How Brexit may affect what gigs you're going to

Press Release: March 23, 2019

Music, like information needs to be free. Now, with the advent of streaming services, we have all the music we need at our fingertips.
It may start as a shuffle play on Spotify and before you know it, you’re out there buying the merch and queueing for autographs for your brand-new band obsession. And that’s how it should be.
London is particularly good at making those unique moments happen. Great rock concerts are possible because amazing bands are able to freely travel to London, spend a weekend here, rock out the hearts and ears of their fans and then go back home, or keep touring the UK.
Without getting too political about it, we need to address the freedom of movement when it comes to art. Pure expression of the soul and mind of our generation needs to be cherished and protected.
While events like Brexit would not make it (much) harder for bands like Metallica to come play in London – it’s the underground scene that we’re concerned about.
DAMAGE INC. is a rock promotion agency and we work with bands from all over Europe and beyond. We make sure that amazing international artists are able to get booked and play in some of London’s Iconic venues.
Now, more than ever - live music is spreading across Europe like wildfire. More and more bands are now embarking on the path of Musical nomads. That is – they quit their day jobs, get a van, musical equipment, a few other goodies to keep them going, and hit the road.
They sleep guerrilla, and constantly on the move trying to make it in time for the next show. And so they would spend months on end driving around Europe touring many capitals and smaller cities, sharing and creating unique experiences for fans all across the continent.
We managed to uncover a trend in our discussions with the bands. In our experience, London is the most coveted city by bands and musicians to perform and establish a fanbase in. Rather understandable considering the highly diversified culture, which inherently makes it easier for a whole range of genres to be easily digested.
In other words, London’s the place to have your music heard because you’re sure to find someone willing to listen and enjoy it.
Dirty Sound Magnet – a rising Swedish rock band, has managed to get a break in London and perform in venues like Nambucca and The Underworld. It’s easy when you don’t have to fill in awkward paperwork and wait weeks on end for your request to visit the UK to be validated.
Now, if our government restricts free movement in favour of a decision that seemed to turn on its head, it may not be so easy for you to enjoy a new live experience and discover a unique band.
And isn’t that what it’s all about when it comes to art? We want to share our very best with the world. Borders, paperwork, regulations and rigid political systems have no place in the expression of art, yet as you can see they have the power to dictate over London’s musical landscape.
Is your government dictating what music you listen to and what concerts you go to? No. Not directly. Can it influence the musical landscape and by proxy impact your life and bands you’re going to see? YES. Yes it can.
At DAMAGE INC. we are dedicated to making sure that London’s rock and metal scene is a mix of the very best rising musicians from all over the world, and we want to keep it that way.
If you share our belief, come down to 229 London on April 26 and support the movement, by coming to see ReAktion – a Chilean rock band with a unique and energetic sound.

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