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How Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Help Save You On Energy Bills

Press Release: October 06, 2020

Having a well-functioning HVAC unit or system is a household essential. It keeps you warm during the winter season — and it gives you the cool air you need during the warmer months. An added benefit is having a lower energy bill to pay, like what any expert in air conditioning maintenance in Orpington can attest to.

Reducing Energy Bills

Companies that offer both maintenance and air conditioning repair in Tunbridge Wells are there to help clients reduce energy bills. In fact, studies show that energy costs can be lowered anywhere between 30 to 40%. But how do they do so?

The logic behind this is pretty simple: If your AC unit is unclean or has clogged components, it will work harder to provide you the cool air you need. In return, your unit will have to spend more energy, effectively increasing utility bills.

When you tap a maintenance expert, your unit will benefit from the following services:

They clean your AC’s evaporator and inspect if your filter is clogged.

Beyond the filter, they also look into the coils of your unit and remove any dust and debris that have accumulated over time.

They evaluate the fins of your evaporator and condenser. Bent fins can prevent your unit from functioning optimally.

If your home has a centralised air conditioning, they also clear all the debris away from your exterior condenser unit — including weeds and tall grasses.

They also check your condensate line — or the pipe where the excess water gets drained out of your system — for any clogs.

They inspect AC seals — the seal applied around the edges of your unit — for possible moisture.

During colder months, they protect the outdoor components of your AC system to protect it from harsh elements.

On top of these, you’ll also have access to professional pieces of advice on how to save energy and properly use your AC unit.

Other Ways Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money

Besides reducing energy costs, there are other ways regular maintenance can help you out.

You’ll need fewer repairs. If you want to minimise your need for air conditioning repair in Tunbridge Wells, you have to diligently conduct preventive maintenance measures for your AC unit or system. With fewer repairs, you will save money in the long run.

You’ll prolong the life of your unit. Maintenance can help experts detect — and address — AC issues early on. And as they keep your unit or system free from any clogs, you can guarantee that your air conditioning facility is not forced to "overwork."

You’ll protect your warranty. Did you know that your warranty can be voided if you fail to take care (a.k.a.) maintain your AC unit or system? Warranty can cover certain repair costs within a particular period of time. Some manufacturers also offer lifetime warranty.

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