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How AIDA's Employee Engagement Platform Is Helping Enterprises Stay In Touch With Their WFH/Remote Workers During COVID-19

Press Release: August 18, 2020

Bengaluru, India, 18th August 2020: The coronavirus pandemic has condemned  working professionals to work remotely and having only virtual platforms to connect with each other. In these cases, it becomes important that employees maintain the same work culture or close to it by staying engaged with each other. Employee Engagement apps have brought about a revolution in maintaining office culture.


AIDAIO Software Solutions(AIDA), a DIY mobile-app builder platform, based out of Bangalore, India with offices in London, has emerged to be a top player in the realm of employee engagement apps. AIDA essentially aims to bring your team’s internal communication onto an app, helping deliver a mobile-first experience for employees.


Explaining the need of more cutting-edge employee engagement apps in our current landscape, the AIDA team remarked:

“Over 70% of your workforce are millennials. Outside the workplace, they create content and engage with brands they love. Unleash this voice within the company-owned mobile-first employee social network.”


Some of the key features of this app are Employee wall, Offline resources, Pulse Surveys, Employee Recognition and other tools for internal communication & engagement among many others to ensure employee participation.


The 4 pillars that AIDA believes in are the core strengths of their employee engagement app: Effective Internal Communication, Actionable Feedback & Pulse, Continuous Recognition, and Meaningful Employee Engagement.


Here are some things you can do with the Employee Engagement app:

  • Broadcast Company News directly to every employee’s mobile device.
  • Publish Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Pulse Surveys, and Pulse Polls to track and measure sentiment with the mobile survey tool.
  • Implement a bottom-up Reward & Recognition program to discover contributors, promote innovation, and boost team culture.
  • Build an internal private company social network to boost engagement and internal connections


The aim for AIDA is simple: to empower communities to engage anytime, anywhere with the aid of employee-centric apps. Moreover, they also intend to uncover influencers to boost company brand internally and externally and to empower employees to share information, engage with colleagues, and celebrate success with the app’s interactive features.


It is a wholesome way to maintain a culture within the organization that will keep the employees motivated,  and raring to come back to office, whenever they can, with renewed spirits.

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