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How AI Powered Chatbots are reshaping the world of real estate!

Press Release: December 20, 2020

Artificial intelligence, machines that think, are going to change the way we live, work and play. In fact, AI is already having a major impact on a number of key sectors in the global economy, and “early adopters” in these industries are already seeing phenomenal return on investment as AI opens up new business opportunities and creates value through identifying new process efficiencies.

The real estate sector has always been slow to adopt innovations. While there are many reasons for its reluctant attitude to artificial intelligence, the biggest factor lies in the essence of the technology. AI applications are only as powerful as the quantity and quality of the data sets fed into them. AI consultants consider siloed, unstructured and often expensive data as real estate’s main barrier to onboarding the technology. According to the Morgan Stanley Digitization Index, real estate is the second least digitized industry in the world.

At ChatGen.ai we identified that Searching for a new place to live is often a rather daunting process. almost every home-searching engine filters out the most suitable homes based on attributes like price, location, number of rooms, size, etc. Although this model has proven to be effective, it still often leaves potential buyers with far more offerings than they are willing to look through. This is where an AI powered friendly chatbot comes into play.

Chatbot helps users streamline their home search process. it identifies the user’s preferences and suggests property based on its findings. It also helps users by answering their queries related to property and book site visits within a few clicks. A customer could ask the chatbot the size of the backyard of a specific property. The chatbot can then provide the dimensions of the backyard, and also offer extra details such as there are four large oak trees in the backyard that provide lots of shade.

Chatgen.ai, a hybrid conversational sales and marketing platform, helped giants in the real estate industry leverage their businesses by boosting their lead generation by 250% and user engagement by 40%. It has also helped in improving their conversion rate by 50%.


Presently, ChatGen.ai handles and solves all the customer queries, provides instant solutions and operates 24x7. 

There is no need for any prospect to wait for hours to get their queries resolved as our chatbots can handle a huge number of queries simultaneously and effectively. With 24x7 support, these intelligent chatbots can automate follow-ups with your customers easily. Plus, a virtual tour of the property/house/land can be arranged without having to step out of your comfort zone.

About Us:

Chatgen.ai is a hybrid Conversational-AI driven Sales, Marketing and Support platform that proposes to automate conversations, accelerate revenue, and bridge the gap between businesses and potential customers.

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