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How a Costa Del Sol seller is trying to shift his apartment in Spain.

Press Release: September 06, 2019

Could this be the start of a new selling trend or just another symptom of the stagnant Spanish property market? Prize Draw Competition

When a 3-bedroom property in Marbella, went on the market, its owner Neil Hudson, hoped it would fetch over £500,000. Yet, despite many years of viewings, the 1,614 sq ft property failed to sell due to the slow Spanish market, too much competition and lack of buyers.

Raffling a home for £5 per ticket is not a new concept as several UK homeowners have tried similar competitions in recent years and many have failed. The promoters of prize draw competition have said that they will not make the mistakes other competitions have made.
Speaking to Prize Draw Competition, Neil Hudson who is also the owner of the property said:
“Some other competitions have been run very amateurishly and what seems like an easy scheme to organise actually requires a huge amount of work. We have spent two years doing our market research and our planning. We have entered many property raffle competitions to win of course, but also to make sure we fully understand the positives and negatives from these.
It is essential also that the general public has full confidence in the scheme. We have done everything to ensure that the correct legal framework is in place. The model is fully compliant with the UK Gambling Commission’s guidelines and the final draw will be streamed live online and overseen by independent adjudicators.

The winners will be selected by a random generator and the source code for this has been published online to prove its legitimacy and to confirm it cannot be fiddled or tampered with.
We have also made sure that we are using experienced marketing companies and have publicity campaigns being implemented, both off and online as ultimately it is a numbers game and this prize draw competition needs to be seen by many millions of potential winners to sell enough tickets and most other schemes have floundered from not putting enough resource into the marketing. We are not limiting ourselves to just UK entries, but are publicising this worldwide and give it the maximum exposure it deserves.”

More information can be found at prizedrawcompetition.com

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