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How A Coffee Brand Is Trying To Tackle Plastic Pollution

Press Release: April 08, 2020

London, UK, April 7, 2020 Alpaca Coffee has announced the launch of the first 100% plastic free, artisanal coffee that delivers direct to customers’ doors, on Kickstarter. Through their crowdfunding campaign, Alpaca Coffee aims to raise funds and awareness to replace plastic packaging in the global coffee industry. They have already funded 58% of their project in less than 7 hours. Alpaca Coffee packaging is made from plant-based materials, namely, kraft paper, wood pulp and bio PBS (derived from natural substances, such as sugarcane, cassava and corn). Compared to normal plastic packaging that takes several years to degrade, Alpaca Coffee bags can biodegrade in 90 days in a home compost. Derived fully from natural resources, they offer an alternative, sustainable solution against plastic pollution that harms the environment. “The truth is, deciding to run a sustainable, socially-responsible business isn't easy because the coffee industry still does not fully support businesses like ours. Costs for sustainable materials are higher, and the process is longer,” says Victoria, the founder and CEO of Alpaca Coffee. “That’s why the market needs new norms — we need plastic free to be the new standard, because businesses should be taking responsibility for their impact on our planet.” Alpaca Coffee has an exciting range of single origin coffees from South America, for example, the Brazilian Fazenda Santa Rita, a coffee produced by an estate in Brazil solely run by women passionate about their craft. All their coffees are artisanally roasted locally in Cambridge, UK, to ensure customers enjoy fresh coffee at home. The company believes that the earlier we adapt to plastic free packaging, the sooner we can reduce the staggering number of waste produced by the coffee industry per year: 23 million tonnes. Follow the link to their Kickstarter below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alpacacoffee/alpaca-coffee-100-plastic-free-coffee

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