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House of Luxury sees record sales and phenomenal engagement on ‘Virtual Xperience’, a new hyper-immersive luxury retail platform

Press Release: February 08, 2021

London based luxury retail and branding experts, House of Luxury (HOL), is celebrating their 10th year in business with the launch of ‘Virtual Xperience’, their brand new hyper-immersive e-commerce and m-commerce platform where visitors can explore their exquisite selection of handpicked luxury goods in 3D high definition. 
The platform has received overwhelmingly positive reviews across key European and Asian markets since its launch on 6 January this year. Early indications are that HOL is already tapping into the growing affinity for new and exciting luxury experiences as they have seen a 1900% engagement increase on the platform, a 10% growth in Instagram followership as well as recording $120,000 as the single highest value purchase. 
With new and innovative features set to go live as the platform continues to develop, HOL remains at the forefront of the current revolution in online retail experiences for high-end goods which intensified following the COVID pandemic of 2020. The new platform is also targeted at affluent Millennials and Gen-Zs, who are set to play a key role in the global luxury market and are already changing the nature of luxury consumption.  These digital natives who were not served by the bricks and mortar model of luxury retail that ruled the 20th century are highly receptive to and desirous of digital, tech-driven experiences.
Unlike the generic online storefront, the ‘Virtual Xperience’ is designed to seed every stage of the luxury consumer's journey, guiding shoppers from inspiration to discovery, engagement and beyond. It is literally a virtual House of Luxury where exquisitely furnished 3D spaces like the 'Parlour of Perfection' and the 'Chamber of Calibre' accentuate choice designer products ranging from fine jewellery by renowned brands such as YEPREM, Simone and Alessa; contemporary art by Banksy, Condo and Kaws; interior décor from Fendi and Ralph Lauren; haute horlogerie from Patek Philippe and others; as well as limited-edition objet d’arts created by leading artists such as Zhuang Hong Yi. 
HOL is also set to unveil a series of interactive initiatives designed to fully engage their global luxury community beyond purchases. Subscribers can sign up to participate in online chess tournaments, one-of-a-kind auctions, and conversations with the master designers and artists behind their favourite luxury brands. In essence, through this new platform, HOL is offering a uniquely fine-grained premium shopping experience that elevates the accessibility of luxury without compromising exclusivity or personalisation. 
Speaking about the new platform ‘Virtual Xperience’, HOL founder, Elio D'Anna, says, "2021 is full of possibilities and we see our future in virtual luxury retail. That is why we have created a premium online shopping experience that transports shoppers to an opulent palace of luxury from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Every room in our virtual House of Luxury has been thoughtfully designed to have the look, feel and ambiance of a lavish residence.” 
He adds, "We want to give our clients a luxury shopping experience that is positive, inspiring and on par with what they were accustomed to in pre-covid times when they could walk freely into high end boutiques in London, Paris and Milan. In fact, we hope to evolve our ‘VX’ into a coveted experience in the world of luxury e-commerce and m-commerce.
Take an exclusive tour of the House of Luxury’s new ‘Virtual Experience’ here.


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