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House of Luxury launch jewellery pop-up at Harrods featuring exclusive designs by Simone Jewels and Terzihan

Press Release: October 02, 2020

House of Luxury launch jewellery pop-up at Harrods featuring exclusive designs by Simone Jewels and Terzihan 


Jewellery connoisseurs are set to have the ultimate pre-Christmas shopping experience as House of Luxury (HOL) launches their fine and high  jewellery pop-up at Harrods renowned Knightsbridge store this October. The special event will be a 2-segment showpiece featuring new and exclusive jewellery collections by renowned international designer brands, Simone Jewels, Terzihan, YEPREM and Alessa Jewelry. 


The pop-up is billed to be a highlight of the pre-holiday shopping season for the many who love to shop at the world’s most famous department store in London. Speaking on partnering with the House of Luxury, Beth Hannaway, Head of Fine Jewellery & Watches at Harrods said, "It is always exciting to offer unique, one-of-a-kind experiences to our luxury jewellery clients, especially during the holiday season. As one of a few pop-ups we have planned this year, we've partnered with the House of Luxury to deliver a truly special experience, showcasing a curated edit of exclusive pieces from Simone Jewels and Terzihan. My personal highlight is from Terzihan, with a striking collection of rose gold, diamond and vibrant green malachite, which is a selection I’m sure our clients will love too." 


It will be hosted in Harrods’ luxury jewellery room on the first floor, and laid out in open, marquee-style designed to showcase the sumptuous colours, intricate artistry and unique designs of the jewellery on display. There will also be an opportunity to shop virtually through Harrods own super seller team who can set up hyper-customised shopping experiences via Zoom for jewellery and any other high-end accessories.  The first of the 2-part pop-up, runs from 15 October till 14 November, will feature exquisite high jewellery designs from the new 'Couture' Collection by Simone Jewels and never-before-seen designs from the coloured extension of the 'Neutra' collection by Terzihan 


Simone Jewels' High Jewellery collection paints from a generous palette of gemstones, serving up a sophisticated mix of hues that echo the charms of the holiday and end-of-year season. This collection boasts vivid ruby reds, scintillating aquamarine blues and alluring amethyst purples in gorgeous, ethereal jewellery that have a timeless appeal. Distinctly sophisticated and no less adaptable, the jewellery in this collection come in measured proportions, featuring organic lines and curves, often accentuated by gold as well as inlaid chalcedony and mother of pearl. With rings, earrings and a few necklaces, this collection has something for everyone. 


Terzihan's 'Neutra' features bold proportions and a striking mix of colours and textures that provide an interesting contrast to the brilliant serenity of the Simone’s collection. In 'Neutra', jewellery lovers have decadent homages to the ancient cultures and places that captivate and inspire to this day. In addition to the ultra-sized pendants, cuffed bracelets and domed rings that have made this collection famous since its release earlier this year, Terzihan will début multicoloured versions of its iconic medallion pendant at the fine jewellery pop-up launching this October.  


The second part of the House of Luxury pop-up at Harrods starts on 15 November and will feature stunning statement jewellery by the illustrious Lebanese designer brand, YEPREM, whose breath-taking creations have been worn by Hollywood A-listers like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sofia Vergara, Rihanna, and Cardi B. Magnificent diamond pieces from their ‘Chevalier’ and ‘Gravity’ collections will be on display alongside fabulous and versatile designs by Alessa Jewelry, including their highly sought after ‘Unity Stacks’ bracelets with a selection presently exclusively for Harrods customers. Branded as wearable art, Alessa’s ‘Unity Stacks’ are colourful stacked bracelets inspired by the distinct culture and vibes of different cities around the world. There are ‘Unity Stacks’ named for London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Paris, New York, and more, availing customers a chance to show solidarity with the cities they love. 


The House of Luxury exclusive jewellery pop-up at Harrods will end on 31 December.  




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